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owl URL optional features

Find out how to use optional features for your short URLs. This tutorial is part of the owl URL – features for your social media and WordPress.

The less is more notion: The simplicity and clarity is often better understood and more appreciated!

Use optional features under ADVANCED OPTIONS button:

Custom Alias: Specify a “custom alias” for a branded identification of the shortened URL. If you add a custom alias like “example”, then the link will look like this: https://url.owlpower.eu/example
Password Protect: Protect your link with a password. This makes your publicly accessible links private, as you are requested to type in the password, before redirection. This is how a password protected short URL page looks like:
Description: Add a description to better identify this link. Since you can have several short links for the same URL (for granulated better analytics from different external sources) it is recommended to specify in the description relevant info for later identification.
Geotargeting: Redirect users based on country criteria. Read this tutorial for detailed information: https://owlpower.eu/owlsome-apps/owl-url/geo-targeting/

Short URLs promote sharing: You can simply fit more content in less space with short URLs!

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