Stealth analysis

Find out how and why to check on your competitors in stealth mode. This tutorial is part of the owl URL – features for your social media and WordPress.

Stealth feature for a marketing ninja: With our owl URL application, you can check your competitors in stealth.

Why check on your competitors?
Every business needs to know its competitive analysis with as much detailed information as possible. A competitive analysis will tap in directly to your market and your competition, to learn what the others are doing and why. Companies, especially startups, updating their plans in iterative cycles – always include a competitive analysis to catch changes in the marketplace and in their competition. Marketers and growth strategists need to know the business landscape before they begin. Managers and decision makers must keep a close eye on the reaction of the competition to maintain the advantages in their own strategies.

How to check on your competition?
Researching these days begins with a simple Google search and visiting your competitor’s web page. Your competitor’s web page is the main source of information. However, visiting your competitor recurrently will leave identifiable information back to you. Tools like Google analytics or even more competent visitor trackers (like mouseflow) can identify you (by location, IP, behavior, etc). Stop leaving an identifiable trail along your competitor checks. Use our stealth tactic!

How to be stealth when visiting your competitor:
We’ll walk you through the steps with a real-life example to better understand our technology. Follow these steps and you’ll become a stealth ninja in just a few minutes.

Step 1: copy your competitor URL
Let’s use one of our longest SEO-friendly URL “”. This link will be used as an example for your competitor’s URL.

Step 2: paste you competitor URL into owl URL
Log in to your account, to keep this link private. Paste the URL into the shortening input field, where it reads “paste a long URL”.

Step 3: select redirection method: FRAME
Under the “shorten” button are the URL redirection types supported by owl URL. Please select “Frame”. It should look like this:


Step 4: optional features if needed
Specify a “custom alias” for a branded identification of the shortened URL. We added “example”. This means the link will look like this:
Protect your link with a password. We added “example”. Type example as a password when prompted.
Add a description to better identify this link. We added “longest owl power URL”.
Click shorten.
You should have a link similar to ours:

Step 5: open your shortened URL in incognito
We recommend to use the shortened link in your browser’s incognito mode (Ctrl+Shift+N in Chrome). The opened URL should look like this when opened:


Notice that you are still in the domain. Now, if you start browsing your competitor’s website, the requests will still go through our owl URL server, keeping you stealth. This browsing session will be kept anonymous for your competitor. Enjoy and be productive with your competitive analysis!

This is how your check your competitors: Stealthy, anonymous competitive analysis, safe and private, as it should be!


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