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tailored retail eshop – Savvy #2024 WooCommerce Services

serving EUROPEAN Woo
tailored retail eshops

16+ years of owlsome experience provides the highest quality TAILORED Woo SERVICES for a fully tailored retail eshop. We understand your business niche and created just for you the WooCommerce tailored retail eshop concept.


We’re on an empowering mission for retail business owners, who desire not to be transformed forcefully into IT experts.


TAILORED Woo SERVICES is what makes the
TAILORED RETAIL ESHOP concept so revolutionary

We established the owl power TAILORED RETAIL ESHOP concept as our crusade and our promise to create the best-managed experience in the world for Woo or WooCommerce. We’ve tailored a managed experience, that easily aligns with your vision and turns your tedious online business to enchantress comfort. Read more about us.

Tailored WooCommerce Security for specific needs, protecting owners & customers from commercial frauds.
Woo Speed Up
Proactive WooCommerce bloatware removal, theme load-time tinkering, page speed and static files optimisation.
Woo Maintenance
WooCommerce Maintenance recurrently maintains the integrity, stability, Security and performance of eshops.

TAILORED Woo SERVICES for everyone, small or large. We run our services on UP-TO-DATE cutting-edge technology and take support or security seriously.

owl power’s TAILORED RETAIL ESHOP immediately solves:

outage prevention

Your online business loses money during outages, and reputation for prolonged downtime. Proudly serving the highest uptime in the industry will prevent business as usual downtimes. Disaster recovery and redundancy options will ease unseen challenges.

customer support

There’s nobody to turn to if something breaks. Its always somebody else fault, but nobody tinkers on solving it. Sounds familiar? We’ll handle even 3rd party customer support. This ensures fantastic profitability as you are getting maximum ROI.

tight 2023 budget

Everybody runs on a tight, low-spending budget for this year to reduce the pressures on the economy as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. Buy better WooCommerce Services and hosting infrastructure for a fraction your current of in-house costs.

missing images

Missing images create highly visible layout shifts for customers. Also, broken images are an SEO penalty. Yet, serving them from global CDNs, creating on-demand device resize variations, reducing physical size for better loading times seems almost impossible.

premium modules

An already existing plethora of options with an ever-increasing trend of premium themes, premium plugins, 3rd party apps create difficulties selecting the correct one. Working a combination of a dozen option makes this even challenging. Curios on how to simply solve these?

brand reputation

Getting blacklisted means blocked domains and IP addresses cannot be accessed by visitors directly and servers block ALL emails from such domain. An email blacklist means nobody receives your sent emails. Can this be more fatal without a managed retail eshop?

Your creative agency + TAILORED Woo SERVICES? We’re driven by a vision worded by Albert Einstein: “Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them.”

SSL certificates

It started in 2014. Today it is frowned upon when a single element from the page breaks the encryption. Enjoy managed SSL certificates for your domains, subdomains, staging zones and customer sites. All costs are included in the plans.

content protection

Content protection helps to prevent being directly used, stolen or plagiarized the media files (images, pdfs, spreadsheets); simply copying for reproduction your pages and posts; preventing illegal downloads and automated content scrapers.

broken links

Broken links hurt from an SEO and usability perspective of a website. If a customer or a search engine spider visits your site and comes to lots of “dead ends”, it is a big issue. Instant revenue loss, when you’re not properly crawled or de-indexed.

2FA, MFA authentication

Employees are working remotely from their own devices. Your customers always use the same password. Credentials of social media users are posted daily on hacking websites. Do you want these risks in your Woo or get blamed for credit card fraud?

data leakage

Info leakage happens whenever a system that is designed to be closed to a snooping eye reveals vital secrets to unauthorised parties nonetheless. Trade secrets, modules & technical details, dev comments, or personal data are extremely sought after.


Automated redirection is a marketing strategy, and doing so successfully will lead to enhanced user experience and increased commercial success. Language redirects, error monitoring, personalised content and phone number direct calls are a must.

FREE BASIC MAINTENANCE: TAILORED WordPress + WooCommerce MAINTENANCE WEEKLY UPDATES & UPGRADES. No credit card or account required!