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Geo-targeted QR Code

Find out how to redirect visitors from the same QR CODE to different landing pages to overcome the language barrier and boost sales. This tutorial is part of the owl URL – features for your social media and WordPress.

What is more flexible than a QR code? You favorite app, owl URL, which now redirects QR CODES via geo-target!

With these two posts, we explained the basics of these features. Please read trough them, so you can understand the whats and whys.

  • Geo-targeting | (read time: 3 min)
  • QR coded short links | (read time: 3 min)

    QR CODES + Geo-Targeting short URLs

    Two owlsome features fused together: the capability to redirect visitors towards different landing pages are combined with the QR CODES functionality. This means, that from your QR CODE picture, containing your URL, now you can redirect the vistior, who scans the short URL based on the geo-targeting rules your specified. Owlsome, right?

    Two owlsome features fused together: QR CODES + Geo-Targeting short URLs = geo-targeted QR CODE!

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