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Perfect PageSpeed – Incredible WP loading times #2024

instant loading times

If you want your WordPress to drive traffic, orders, in-store purchases, or phone calls, you must have a fast page speed for mobile and desktop. A perfect PageSpeed matters for two exigent segments: SEARCH ENGINES and VISITORS. Settle for a slow website, and your site will take the last place in search results, leaving your customers to your competitors.


Faster websites perform better in search results and sales, by providing an unparalleled user experience that people want and demand.

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Page speed measures how fast content loads on a single page. A perfect PageSpeed is also known as page load time, which is how long it takes a page to display all its content. Time to the 1st byte measures how long it takes for a web browser, to receive the first byte of information from the hosting server.

Slow response times from your hosting server is disastrous for your page speed. We unload vital components from your hosting company to boost towards a perfect pagespeed, independently from your hosting company. This keeps your hosting costs in check, without exponential costs increases.

OUR BONUS: with our recurrent services, we’ll make sure your WordPress remains in the top-performing group through the year, without forcing you to buy more and more different and expensive server technologies. All pages on your domain, always on their best performance on mobile and desktop.


Mobile sites loading under 2sec have a 15% higher conversion rate. Providing a fast and seamless experience, making it even easier for users to shop.

Why is page speed so important?

Search engines

If you already budgeted search engine optimisation (SEO), then you’ve probably noticed some reports about how page speed matters to SEO. And it does big time. Search engines (and users) like fast websites. That’s why search engines use a Perfect PageSpeed as a ranking factor.


Visitors expect all search results to load quickly when they click on them. When it doesn’t, they get frustrated and likely choose another website from the list of search results. The faster your competitors sites load, the more visible is your slow domain. Statistically 83% of users abandon sites that load above 3 sec.


When you already invested in employees (and tools, and external service providers) to do your marketing, blogging, social media or other campaigns a perfect pagespeed makes ALL the difference. Load time can be a performance anchor or a conversion booster.

Today’s marketing landscape is rapidly changing - adapt your strategies to keep up with your customers. Google has the products, insights, and recommendations you need to achieve your marketing objectives.

But only when you achieve your 100% good URL page experience.

Google’s recent mobile page speed research states when your page load time goes from 1s to 3s the bounce rate increases 32%. The bounce increases to 90% if the page load speed goes from 1s to 5s. And the bounce rate soars up to 123% of your website is taking more than 10s to load fully. This is how important page speed is for your website.

PageSpeed is the measurement of the time it takes to fully load and display the entire content of the web page. It is a web performance metric designed to track how fast a page responds in loading the content to the request. The amount of time your page visitor has to wait before starting to interact with the website can also be defined as the page speed.

A site that loads fast is given a preference over the one that is laggy. Though the user intent, query, and relevance of the page are still more important. Google has been emphasising the importance of a perfect PageSpeed for a long time now. To encourage WP owners, search engines have included site speed as one of the many ranking factors.

A perfect PageSpeed optimisation should be a top priority for any WordPress owner. The speed of your site dramatically impacts your site’s SEO and bounce rate. Bounce rates are calculated as the number of single-page sessions of zero-second duration divided by the total number of page sessions on your website.

Since many people use their phones exclusively for web browsing, mobile page speed optimisation is very important. Mobile pages are considered separately for SEO results, exactly as AMP pages (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Your site’s mobile pages do not automatically inherit the main site’s SEO ranking.

Users searching on mobile devices have their page rank calculated separately based on the site’s mobile page speed rather than the main website’s page speed. As the use of mobile search continues to grow at an exponential rate, the consumer demand for information in the blink of an eye also increases.