Password locked URL

Find out how to password protect a short URL for added safety and control. This tutorial is part of the owl URL – features for your social media and WordPress.

Total control over public links: The security upgrade for sharing private URLs ONLY on your terms!

Why you need this?
Security and total control. Maybe you’re network marketer and your share content for private viewers. Maybe you are a salesperson, and you send out personalized proposals, protected from prying eyes. Maybe you have a blog about the latest awesome news or personal reviews for a limited group of readers. Maybe you offer locked content (paywall) as a premium extra besides the free segment of your business. In all cases, a password protected short URL helps take control exactly as you want it.

Password Protecting a short URL
Now, with owl URL, you can password protect any short links. It works on redirect links, splash pages, frame pages and media gateway pages. You can edit created short links and change the password if you forgot it or you want to rotate the same link for different targeted viewers or time-based/date-based limitations. You can also remove the password from a short URL, via edit, then delete the existing password, then click on the update button. You can also edit an existing short URL and add a password to it, making it more secure as it was.

Security when needed, is urgent: Take control over what and how you share online starting today!

This is how a password protected short URL page looks like:

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