MObile + DEsktop Usability & pageSpeed insights

Nobody Likes a Slow Website! How fast does your important pages load?

Daily Google’s PageSpeed Insights monitoring

owl MODEUS provides in bulk, usability and speedtest of laptop requested page results.
owl MODEUS provides usability and pagespeed test results in BULK.
owl MODEUS provides in bulk, usability and speedtest of phone requested page results.
Check full domain portfolio automatically or monitor competition in BULK.

Checking a page from a slow connection or crowded place results in multi-seconds load time.

See how your pages perform, reveal how slow they are compared to your competitors.


a fast website means better ROI

Keep the daily gathered data for as long as you consider it vital for analysis.

Gather daily data for a monthly trend line of monitored URLs performance history.

Gather daily data of monitored URLs performance for visual comparison purposes.

Wondering why your business is slow? Why your sales got sluggish?


availability and performance insights

Group your reports into specific categories to get a better overview of the pagespeed results.

Effective performance monitoring involves much more than simply verifying if your site is running.


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