Find out how to brand any short URL you create to create a professional feel for your customers. This tutorial is part of the owl URL – features for your social media and WordPress.

Suits perfectly with your visual identity: The branding upgrade for your complete corporate professional image!

Why you need branding?
Branding is a critical element of any business. A brand is more than just visual identification. A brand is an emotion behind what someone feels and sees when they interact with your company. Your brand is the image behind what your business believes and strives to accomplish. As a result, your brand becomes your personality and along with that personality comes numerous associations. Therefore a brand bears much more responsibility. This means, that all elements of your company must have the same look and feel, no matter what it is. Now, all this can be achieved even with owl URL, our URL shortening service.

Custom splash pages
Add your branding to the short URL you create on our domain. Use our custom Splash Pages feature. Example here: Find this feature in your account, under Splash Pages. You can customize the avatar, banner, title, and description. Once, you create a custom splash page, you can use it for future short URLs. Just select your custom splash page name, under the SHORTEN button, and the newly created short URL will open your branded splash page.

Your landing page: Branded customisation with custom splash pages for all short URL‘s!

This is how a custom splash pages looks like:

Custom URL alias
Add your branding to the short URL you create on our domain. Use the custom alias feature. Example here: Find this feature when shortening a long URL, under the Advanced Options button, Custom Alias input field. What name you type there will replace the randomly generated string. You can select your custom splash page in combination with a custom alias to combine the effect of branding.

Your brand name: Branded customisation with URL alias for all short URL‘s!

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