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owl CONF
Easy-to-use secure communications platform for CONFERENCING and WEBINARS. Chat, talk or live stream with groups, remote teams, from any device.
Automated MObile and DEsktop Usability and Speedtest monitoring. Daily scheduled reports, based on Google’s PageSpeed Insights results.
Highly accurate Cloud-based ANTIVIRUS, with daily scans and infected files or malicious code removal, without impacting server load.
owl WAF
Cloud-based Web Application Firewall constantly monitors and stops automated or targeted hacks, attacks, snooping, spying, and uploads.
Technical sitemap auditing. Identify on your WEbsite search engine CRAwl issues. Send correct indexation signals towards search engines.
Monitor your long tail keywords and head term KEYwords RAnking position, for desktop & mobile results on Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, Yahoo.

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owl MIN
By far, it is the most MINIMALISTIC, simplest & easiest monitoring solution. Built without limitations to be hosted by you, for your privacy.
owl URL
URL shortening & management: transform your long URLs into manageable short links. Your short URL‘s can now be shared everywhere!
owl power EUROPE

owl power EUROPE
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