Shorten URLs

Find out how to shorten any long URL into a 16 character length short URL. This tutorial is part of the owl URL – features for your social media and WordPress.

The less is more notion: The simplicity and clarity is often better understood and more appreciated!

Why you need a short URL?
Link shorteners were originally created to address stubborn limitations. Examples are: email preview systems that wrapped text after 80 characters and rendered useless any URLs that might have been in the message. Once Social media took off and introduced the 140-character limit, that shortened link became even more important.

How to create a short URL?

Step 1: copy your long URL
Step 2: login into your owl URL account
Step 3: paste your URL into the input field on your owl URL dashboard page
Step 4: click on shorten button
Step 5: copy the new short URL

Use optional features under ADVANCED OPTIONS button
Read this tutorial for detailed information:

Use redirection features
Read this tutorial for detailed information:

Short URLs promote sharing: You can simply fit more content in less space with short URLs!

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