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QR coded short links

Find out how to create a QR code the easy way. This tutorial is part of the owl URL – features for your social media and WordPress.

What is more flexible than a QR code? You favorite app, owl URL, which now creates QR codes for your short links!

What is a QR code?
Definition: a machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs or other information for reading by the camera on a smartphone. This is an example: the below image is a QR code. If you scan this code with your smartphone it will read the short URL. From there you can open the long link to this post….and continue reading this on your mobile device. Please note, that scanning needs a dedicated app. You can download one from your mobile store – just search for “QR code”.


Why you need a QR Code?
With owl URL we closed a gap, where you needed space. We transformed your long URL into a short one, so you can have a few extra characters for your important message. Now, with the QR code feature, we’re expanding your possibilities! Now, you can have your links on printed media or cross-platform devices. QR Codes are everywhere! Now it’s your time to join in and share your scannable short links!

How to create a QR Code?
Well, you know we love to spoil our customers! You don’t have to do anything, we’re doing it all. Just create a short link. That short link already has a QR Code attached to it. Type /qr after the short link and it will show the QR Code in your browser so you can save it as a picture. So, this is a short link to this post: https://url.owlpower.eu/2CLYP. Just add /qr after the link, like this: https://url.owlpower.eu/2CLYP/qr at it will open your QR Code for your short URL.

You can find the QR Code for your old links also, this feature will work will any short URL you created. Just go to the statistics page and it’s above the facebook and twitter share buttons. Or, IF you are logged in – simply add a + after your short URL to reach the statistics page, like this: https://url.owlpower.eu/user/login


The easiest QR CODE creation ever! Share your url on printed media or cross-platform devices with QR Codes.

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