Pitch our services to Your Boss

This makes your life at work much better. We do the hard work, you get the glory! Pleasant win-win! 😉
So….Why not? Pitch our WordPress Services to your boss!

WordPress upkeep has a fundamental connection with outsourcing. Ever since the industry grew from a novelty to a full-blown profession, businesses have relied on the expertise of agencies and freelancers outside the company’s walls to strategize and execute various tasks of WP maintenance, WP security, WP backup or WP monitoring. The dawning of the information overload era has seen a reorganization of business priorities. Now, ALL of these outsourced priorities have a technical lead. Tasks evolved into full online business platforms (SaaS – software as a service).

If you’re reading this article, chances are high you already understand the benefits of enlisting an agency to handle some WordPress services. We’ll mention a few important benefits that bring major advantages in the next post of this series. The benefits of outsourcing WordPress Services are:

  • reduced costs
  • fixed cost – pay in advance
  • lack of in-house talent
  • turbocharging growth
  • justifiable budget
    What to pitch to your boss?

    Professionals working in online businesses often dream of working for someone who will empower them to take risks. Mostly it seems that innovative ideas are rejected by default. But that’s not because managers around the world all belong to a secret circle that collectively extinguishes innovation; it’s because there’s a misconception about how leaders sign-up for creative ideas. And the secret is: STORYTELLING!

    Humans constantly need to make themselves the protagonists of stories. Make you and your boss the protagonists of the outsourcing WordPress services narrative, and you’ll stand a much better chance of achieving your goal. You need to instill a sense of ownership and decision making over the project with the boss. Do this by asking for permission to investigate a hunch: this is the hook – covered below in details. With permission in hand, proceed to gather data on the problem as well as feasible solutions. Even though you already know what the solution should be, don’t pitch it when you give greater detail about the problem. Let the story build. Then, after you’ve gathered enough data — we’ll provide presentations on focused subjects – and constructed enough of a narrative — to conclude that you need a solution for your online troubles, it’s time to suggest outsourcing the services.

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