Media Gateway

Find out how to create special short URL pages for your video links. This tutorial is part of the owl URL – features for your social media and WordPress.

Media powered feature for a social ninja: With our owl URL application, you can create special video landing pages.

What is a media link?
Media link is a direct URL to a webpage, where a single media is found. This mostly in online marketing and presentations means a video link, but it can be files like pdf, pictures or any other resource files used online.

What is a Media Gateway?
A media gateway is a page, where you load a media file from its url and display it in your webpage. This means you can copy a video url from youtube, make a short link with it. That shared short link when its accessed it will open on and display your shared video. We support video direct links as media gateway from the following video sharing platforms:
–, example:
–, example:
–, example:

Why use owl URL’s Media Gateway?

1 – Viewer ATTENTION:
Video sharing platforms are owlsome! YouTube, Vimeo, and others offer free hosting and a great multi-platform support for viewers. However, they also overwhelm the visitor with more and more videos. This could mean a total loss of interest for your website. The visitor arrives on your website, clicks your video link, goes to youtube and its attention is hijacked with similar/related videos. For you, this means, that you just lost your visitor and never convert that sale. With our media gateway, you can direct the visitor to your youtube video and reduce the chances of losing the attention of that viewer.

CONTROL your visitor’s attention: Share your video link without losing your viewer’s attention!

2 – trustworthy ANALYTICS:
Let’s face it, we love statistics, numbers, data. It gives us insight and the power of deduction. However, publicly accessible media files, like a video on youtube suddenly loses all it statistical value. Youtube offers overall statistic, counts viewer from all sources. You are more interested in A/B testing or specific drill-down for single criteria. This is where our internal statistic comes to power. The analytics per short URL counts only the visits for those who click your link. So, this means, that the video you shared with a group of ten people at a presentation counts analytics for only those views, while youtube counts analytics since the video was publicly shared. This gives you a more granular insight into how well your video performs in different areas.

3 – members only, PRIVATE:
You can keep your shareable videos private. Protect them with a password and make sure you are in control of who is allowed to gain access to your private video. With this feature, you can implement a safe paywall solution for your private videos. Paywall = Restricting access to internet content via a paid subscription is often called a paywall. You can have your own simple paywall with Media Gateway + Password protected short URL feature.

EARN MONEY from your visitors: Monetize your video files with a safe sharable solution within your paywall!

Youtube Media Gateway print screen from owl URL example:

Vimeo Media Gateway print screen from owl URL example:

Dailymotion Media Gateway print screen from owl URL example:

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