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New Release: owl URL – short link generator & URL management


New Release: owl URL – short link generator & URL management

We are very excited to announce a new owl URL release of our url shortener & link management platform:


owl URL – short link generator & URL management changelog: 2 bug fixes + 9 feature updates + 5 new feature addition. We think you’re going to be very pleased with the latest developments.


CONTROL your visitor’s attention:
Share your video link without losing your viewer’s attention!

On April 29, 2019, we released a new version of owl URL – short link generator & URL management. Check out this real example:


Customized content for everybody:
Redirect all visitors with the same link to landing pages they want to see!

owl URL – short link generator & URL management – BUG FIXES:
In our unending strive, to solve more issues, we fixed a few known pesky annoyances.

  1. – Fixed #1: Solved an issue with short URL generation. The URL shortening feature was broken after a server and cloud environment migration early April.
  2. – Fixed #2: Solved an issue with keeping anonymous user-generated short link generation.

owl URL – short link generator & URL management – FEATURE UPDATE:
As our customer base grows, so it expands the urgent need to solve urgent problems. As we embrace the chance to learn every day something new, we adapted our existing features to meet new challenges. We updated our short link generator feature using:

  1. – Feature update #1: DIRECT redirection type.
  2. – Feature update #2: FRAME redirection type.
  3. – Feature update #3: SPLASH redirection type.
  4. – Feature update #4: CUSTOM SPLASH redirection type.
  5. – Feature update #5: OVERLAYS redirection type.
  6. – Feature update #6: GEO-TARGETING redirection type.
  7. – Feature update #7: PASSWORD PROTECTION redirection type.
  8. – Feature update #8: CUSTOM ALIAS redirection type.
  9. – Feature update #9: DEVELOPER API functionalities. A new built-in REST API module, which allows you to expand its features to your own application.


Short URLs promote sharing:
You can simply fit more content in less space with short URLs!

owl URL – short link generator & URL management – NEW FEATURE ADDITION:
As our tailored services range expands, it expands the pressing need to provide additional automated services. As we embrace the constant struggle to provide perfection with each task, we added new automated features to eliminate manual intervention to meet standardized excellence.

  1. – New Feature #1: Enhanced Protection – Each shortened URL goes under a series of very restricting protocols to make sure they are safe you the end-user. Phishing, scams, illegal products and services are automatically blocked and banned, using some of the most innovative algorithms to keep the user account safe and your URLs phish-free. All URLs go through a series of validation: URL Format, reCAPTCHA validations, Bot Inspect, Keyword Blacklisting, Domain Blacklisting, Google Safe Check and Phish-Tank Examine.
  2. – New Feature #2: Infinite Combinations – Customise the short URL, add geo-targeting as many as you need & combined with device-targeting; add a password and choose any type of redirection.
  3. – New Feature #3: SPECIFIC TARGETING – Powered by refined targeting functions – enabling you to target your visitors by gadget and/or location with THE SAME short URL.
  4. – New Feature #4: AMAZINGLY FAST – Reduces long, unpleasant and intricate URLs with a click of a button – your brief and smart URL will be prepared for action. Loading any short URLs under a blink of the eye.
  5. – New Feature #5: Tracking Pixels – such as Facebook Pixel, Google Adwords Conversion Pixel, LinkedIn Insight Tag, Twitter Pixel Tag, AdRoll Pixel Tag. Ad platforms offer a conversion tracking tool to enable you to gather data on your customers and how they behave on your website. By adding your pixel ID from either of the platforms, you will be able to optimise marketing just by using your short URLs.


Targeting feature for a marketing ninja:
With our owl URL application, you can target your visitors with a single URL!

What do you think about this release of owl URL – short link generator & URL management? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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