Savvy TAILORED WP Services for Challenging Industries 2022

We Proudly Serve
Challenging Industries

14+ years of owlsome experience provides the highest quality TAILORED WP SERVICES for A-grade security, speed and maintenance. We understand your business niche and created just for you the tailored WP Services concept.

serving TAILORED WP SERVICES for Challenging Industries


TAILORED WP Services per each domain and business niche is what makes
our concept so revolutionary

We established the TAILORED WP Services concept as our crusade and our promise to create the best managed experience in the world for WordPress and WooCommerce. We’ve tailored a managed experience, that easily aligns with your vision and turns your tedious online business to enchantress comfort. Read more about us.


Tailored WP Security solutions for specific needs of clients, recurrently protecting their website from real harmful actions.


Solving technical tinkering, like WP speed & performance optimisation, Server speed optimisation, Static Files optimisation.


WordPress Maintenance services to protect and maintain the integrity of their website’s stability, Security, and performance.


We're on an empowering mission for WordPress owners, who desire not to be transformed forcefully into IT experts.


Outage prevention

Your online business loses money during outages, and reputation for prolonged downtime. Proudly serving the highest uptime in the industry will prevent business as usual downtimes. Disaster recovery and redundancy options will ease unseen challenges.

Tailored portfolio

Having a killer portfolio presentation is the best way to persuade your big clients to hire you. Your portfolio module is the one place where you get to brag and show off all the work you’ve done. Fortunately for you, it’s also one of the fastest and responsive pages.

tight 2022 budget

Everybody runs on a tight, low-spending budget for this year to reduce the pressures on the economy as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. Buy TAILORED WP Services and cloud hosting infrastructure for a fraction of your current in-house costs.

Your WP domains + TAILORED WP Services? We’re driven by a vision worded by Albert Einstein: “Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them.”

Growth ONLY possible through optimisation

Several markets are positioned to handle more e-commerce purchases than they saw coming into the pandemic, meaning they are positioned to sustain the COVID surge in 2022 and beyond.

Growth is incomparable for MOBILE Shopping

The growth of mobile commerce has been noteworthy. Trust in online shopping is increased. Improving the eCommerce experience for mobile customers is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY to tap into.

Attackers + THREATS against default security

The increasingly global and complex nature of security is a harsh reality. The constant increase of attacks creates an urgent need for security and threat-informed defence for private sectors.

Compliance fuels cloud decision-making

Data privacy and protection is both a security matter and a compliance issue. This will continue to be a considerable factor, especially for future strategy or any company with a national presence.

TAILORED WP Services for everyone, small or large. We run our services on UP-TO-DATE cutting-edge technology and take support or security seriously.

Cloud hosting & DNS misconfigurations

NEW MAJOR PROBLEM: Improperly configured or not updated cloud accounts are a continued threat. Managed platforms invest strictly in their security, but they’re not interested in your internal security or compliance.

Automation circumvents security-first approach

To secure ALL FUTURE WORK happening remote, organizations pursue workflow integration, automation, and orchestration. Various functional modules sadly create new vulnerabilities and attack vectors.

Phishing, ransomware remain ubiquitous

Phishing and ransomware continue to be the #1 means for malicious activity. More people are working from home than ever before, and with that trend not changing any time soon, attackers going after people’s domain accounts.

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owl power EUROPE
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