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WordPress Services Case Study: Online and Offline Data Handling


WordPress Services Case Study:
Online and Offline Data Handling

The worth and importance of online and offline data depend on how much information there is about that particular subject; plus the actual “perceived worth” that the observer considers when they consume the data. Material creators of generations ahead of us produced new understanding, discuss principles, and describes their viewpoint without advance knowledge on how we, their followers, will treat their work. Writers were never segregated from the general population, and people individually interpreted what they view as text, images, and video on the screen or paper in a particular context. The vibrant relationship between content creators who impart knowledge (or twist existing information) and the level of acceptance from the receivers of the data hugely depends on our own bias.

Nevertheless, store the offline or online data should with a high level of consequence. Our civilisation always developed museums and other archival places to protect the past and provide for the future. With our very advanced state-of-the-art, gadget-driven everyday life, we end up being unofficial guardians of everybody’s data. We are no different from a full-time curator of physical books from the past. We provide these services to people and groups without even realising.

Also, there is a concern whether the information source should be treated as having a private or commercial function or be open to the general public. We have seen many counterarguments and exchange of viewpoints. Circumstances sometimes dictate state-secret or corporate patent protection, that needs to remain closed from public view.


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So basically speaking, we advise the following actions to protect information:

Always protect digital info files, preventing any alteration or copy without approval. Preserving all data is needed for long term stability. It should exist only on-demand, which means that unauthorised alteration or copying needs to be eliminated by basic security design. When you distribute multiple copies of information as requirement, assume that it exists a copy somewhere out of your reach. Anything currently released publicly can not be kept in secrecy again.

Also, it is necessary to save confidential files in hard to access ways, so accessing it can be provided only when genuinely essential and always with approval. That is something all governments are doing even in the computer age. The problem is that we need to deal with the shift of authority in our civilisation. Those infant boomers who worked in protecting and security-critical data are now in the age of retirement. Altering IT workers several times during a single year is a brand-new regular; this may ultimately cause information loss if no strict data security procedures remain in place.

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Besides, as innovation improves, the relevance of precise storage technology ends up being outdated. We are in a period of gradually decommissioning optical storage, for instance. To make it readily available, find ways to save it in a storage technology that can easily migrate to a more innovative storage medium. Whether it is a digital or paper book, the practicality of the info it consists of becomes an arguable concept. Are we continuing to publish books on paper, on a digitally legible format or an audio type? Generally, there is no need for an external gadget to read a book. You do not need a screen to read a book. You can take it out and read it with your eyes without tools.

Hazards to the system consist of media failure, paper wear, hardware failure, lack of area in the bookcase, software failure, and wear of your sight. Nevertheless, digital information is not affected by age, but natural disasters such as floods and fires are significant obstacles for conservation. With all the fundamental limitations of paper, we discourage you from digitising all your information. The problem is that as soon as information is digital, replicating unlimited copies of it is simple. Please don’t become the next guy who took images of his credit/debit card and posted it on social media. Have a sense of awareness that not all information about you needs to be public. Physical limitations on accessing information are still the very best type of security, far outweighs encryption and other methods to preserve digital personal privacy today.

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