New Release – owl WPS 3.5.3 – WordPress Services plugin

New Release - owl WPS 3.5.3 - WordPress Services plugin

We are very excited to share with you more information on our new owl WPS 3.5.3 – WP Services plugin release:

owl WPS – WordPress Services plugin 3.5.3 changelog: 7 bug fixes + 3 feature update + 1 new feature addition. We think you’re going to be very pleased with the latest developments.

On December 19, 2018, we released a new version of our owl WPS WordPress plugin. Check out this real example:

New Release - owl WPS 3.5.3 - WordPress Services plugin

VERY AFFORDABLE FOR ALL THAT IT OFFERS! CHEAPER and FASTER, than designers + developers + sysadmins hired for specific WordPress tasks.

owl WPS 3.5.3 – WordPress Services plugin – BUG FIXES:
In our unending strive, to solve more issues, we fixed a few known corner cases from our customer’s 3rd party integrations.

  1. – Fixed #1: The X-Frame-Options HTTP response header was corrected, so we can use correctly to indicate whether or not a browser should be allowed to render a page in a “frame, iframe, embed or object”. We know, that our WordPress Maintenance recurrent service, has many corner cases serving a wide variety of niche customers.
  2. – Fixed #2: Corrected BackWPup settings, when new configuration did not correctly update the whole process. We know, that our WordPress Backup recurrent service, has many urgent dependencies for our customers.
  3. – Fixed #3: solved an issue caused by disallowed characters while creating Backblaze buckets with remote option.
  4. – Fixed #4: solved an issue with token validation for UpdraftPlus WebDAV remote storage settings.
  5. – Fixed #5: solved several compatibility issues for the Bulk Settings Manager controlling default settings.
  6. – Fixed #6: solved an issue to correctly clearing WP Rocket cache. We know, that our WordPress Speed Up recurrent service, has a vital role in daily usage for our customers.
  7. – Fixed #7: solved an issue for Bulk Settings Manager while submitting validation keys on customer sites protected with HTTP Basic Authentication. We know, that our WordPress Security recurrent service is the top priority for our customers.

owl WPS 3.5.3 – WordPress Services plugin – FEATURE UPDATE:
As our customer base grows, so it expands the urgent need to solve urgent problems. As we embrace the chance to learn every day something new, we adapted our existing features to meet new challenges.

  1. – Feature update #1: an improved method of detection process for the end-user hosting environment in order to improve performance. This is a major step, to deliver services without generating performance issues.
  2. – Feature update #2: eliminated WordPress size calculation function as the default state. This is a major step, to provide services faster per manual or automated interventions.
  3. – Feature update #3: improved support for the latest Wordfence version. This is a major step, to fully support customer preferences and its existing plugins for services delivery.

owl WPS 3.5.3 – WordPress Services plugin – NEW FEATURE ADDITION:
As our tailored services range expands, so it expands the pressing need to provide additional automated services. As we embrace the constant struggle to provide perfection with each task, we added new automated features to eliminate manual intervention to meet standardized excellence.

  1. – New Feature #1: We fully support a single WordPress Staging environment for any customer. This is a major step, new in our business. Until now, any staging environment was considered additional time/resource cost and the customer was charged additionally. Starting now, we consider a staging environment an standard service, that any and all customers can enjoy without impacting your invoice with extra charges.


CHEAPER & FASTER: Compared to designers + developers + sysadmins hired for specific WordPress tasks.

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