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EEWS: wordpress FIXES

We can help you WITHIN MINUTES!

If you have ever worked with WordPress, you know that it is easy to generate some problems. The problems can creep in due to modifications, changes, coding inconsistencies, update malfunction or database behaving erratically. Do you face a situation where after updating a theme or a plugin, your WordPress site displays nothing but a white page? So bad, that you’re even locked out of the WordPress dashboard? That my friend happened to all of us!

If you are an advanced WordPress user who likes to get your hands dirty with the codes, or one who just loves installing plug-ins and changing themes, you’ll understand that encountering an error is an inevitable occurrence.

Stop wasting your time on google search and doing more damage! Don’t get frustrated, most WordPress problems are solvable within minutes. Just contact us today!

Follow these steps to use the EUROPEAN EMERGENCY WordPress Services:

  1. – Click on the BUY NOW PayPal button, from this page and finish your checkout.
  2. – Make sure PayPal confirms your order (you receive a payment confirmation).
  3. – Follow instructions from the redirected page.
  4. – We’ll contact you during normal business hours (MON-FRI, 10AM-16PM EEST).
  5. – Kindly call us, especially if outside business hours to help you immediately.
wordpress FIXES
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enjoy Priority Support:
after payment confirmation

Your WP has issues that are driving you crazy?

Getting started is easy. We’ll owlsomely resolve all your WordPress problems.