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Something awful and unexpected happened to your WordPress? We are here to HELP!

Infected domains are blacklisted by search engines. Browsers warn users not to enter an infected domain. You lose the hardly gained natural rankings in a few days if the problem is not solved rapidly after the first detection. It slows your server down or even disrupts your entire online business.

    » Reliable scans for instant detections.
    » Stop the infection spreading, clean the needed files.
    » Rapid resolution, before it spirals out of control.


Follow these steps to use the EUROPEAN EMERGENCY WordPress Services:

  1. – Click on the BUY NOW PayPal button, from this page and finish your checkout.
  2. – Make sure PayPal confirms your order (you receive a payment confirmation).
  3. – Follow instructions from the redirected page.
  4. – We’ll contact you during normal business hours (MON-FRI, 10AM-16PM EEST).
  5. – Kindly call us, especially if outside business hours to help you immediately.
malware CLEANUP
VAT included

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after payment confirmation

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