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Maintenance – How to WordPress?

What could go wrong MAINTENANCE wise?
Maintenance wise, the degradation is constant, slow and mostly unnoticeable. Each update mostly ends in success. But the update engine checks the core integrity of your WordPress, not the precious investment from the development, SEO or marketing team. Nobody checks every page after an update, or every lead-capture form or download button or redirect or ads placement. Nobody cares, that several of your daily used plugins are older than your website’s existence on the internet. Nobody notices, that after an update your website is slightly slower. You notice only when page elements start flying around, hiding one under another, forms and redirects not working, ads not showing, page not rendering.

The old solution – hiring specific experts for resolving specific problems – is now considered ineffective and resource wasting. So, how do you maintain your website?

The answer is in the recurrent solutions. You test an update before you make changes on your live website. You ensure, that your business dependent plugins are up to date and not abandoned. You constantly clean your DB and WordPress, purge unwanted spam (links, comments). You check your websites business critical and business important pages performance and functionality. And most important, you do all this on a recurrent basis, several times per month.

How to ensure your WordPress website’s success?
If you are a business owner, feeling proud and holding on to the success of your WordPress website after it’s launched can be a challenge. You invested a ton on money, time and effort creating a beautiful online image for your customers. You hired experts to code your new website, marketing specialist to write your new attractive content, SEO experts to polish the focus to the maximum. They all did a good job – they created a product. That product is your website, attracting customers, creating the opportunity for non-stop open business to sell your REAL money magnet.

This is the point where most business owners don’t understand the main reason for being online. You put all this effort to be online, so you want to be there as much as possible. Preferably honing and refining your business as days and months and years go by. All the hired experts focus on the product they were hired to deliver: WordPress theme, catchy titles, and content, attention grabbing CTA’s and keyword density. They are not interested preserving what is already done, because, that is not their business focus. It’s yours as a business owner!

A great new beginning
Doing chores may be inevitable, but somebody has to do them. Regular care ensures, that the effort sunk into the online segment will not deteriorate or lose its value. If the above tasks seem too complex, too technical, too time-consuming or add a significant extra monthly cost, then consider outsourcing. The owl WordPress Services team from owl power focuses on these foundations. We’ll cover your WordPress Security needs, your recurrent WordPress Maintenance tasks, your sensitive daily WordPress Backups and your live WordPress Monitoring checks. All this for a fraction of what would be the cost outsourcing this to external vendors. Let’s not mention the saved time using the same single point of contact for all of your WordPress needs. They’re working with the biggest names from several industries and their unique qualification is to reduce your costs, enhance your online presence and save your time & reputation. It’s time to experience owlsomeness right now!

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