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Why should you let us do the maintenance?

”We sell WordPress as “easy” and it is easy to a point… The expectation is that everything is that simple. However, behind the WordPress dashboard are PHP, CSS, and JavaScript code files that connect to a MySQL database.”
Code Poet ~ Locking Down WordPress

Why should you let us do the maintenance?

Let’s presume for a moment for the arguments sake, that you and us (doing this for years, have several success stories per day) are on the same level and we both can successfully finish a maintenance task. Consider these carefully:

1 – Not every plugin plays nice after you install them in bulk. They are developed by different people for a wide totally different requirement. We know these “delicate” team-players that need special attention.

2 – We have the expertise to know how to update. Which is first, what is security, versions + order and when + what to update.

3 – We have the advantage to maintain several hundred websites and we get a heads-up when something is acting up. The chances that you use unique combinations of plugins is slim to null. For you the probability chance, that something will break is the same for each click.

4 – Not upgrading as often, to reduce the gambling process is even worse. The percentage to break something skyrockets as time goes bye. Many websites go unattended for months – seen some even for years – allowing for outdated content, broken links, and vulnerable plugins to decrease effectiveness and erode credibility with customers. No matter how wonderful your website is, no site is immune to time.

5 – Also we have the technical ability to recover your site, should something go wrong during the update process in the fastest time humanly possible.

And now let’s get back to reality. After building, customizing and providing support for WordPress websites for almost a decade, we realized that most business owners have a continual need for ongoing maintenance and support. What is your business niche? Because our business is to keep YOUR WordPress in pristine condition!

weekly WordPress maintenance: Maintain your WordPress in pristine condition with owl power!

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