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What is preventative WP maintenance?

”We sell WordPress as “easy” and it is easy to a point… The expectation is that everything is that simple. However, behind the WordPress dashboard are PHP, CSS, and JavaScript code files that connect to a MySQL database.”
Code Poet ~ Locking Down WordPress

What is preventative maintenance?

We can audit your site, analyse every segment of the traffic and secure your site. Every site and hosting environment are different, every developer team handles things differently but all struggles to offer you the best solution. What was a good decision yesterday does not necessary will be at least a decent one for tomorrow. We present below a few examples, that created a few ripples of contradictions.

What is referral spam?
Referral spam is essentially bots hitting URLs on your site trying to build backlinks from referral stats. A bot will hit your site, causing your log to record the entry. If you allow those refers in great numbers a search engine will penalise you. It’s mostly harmless individually, but can skew analytics data with even 90% and could eat up bandwidth, resources, or lead to bigger or costly issues. Read more on Wikipedia.

Why not use 30 plugins?
If you must, use 50. We saw installations of 50+ plugins, highly optimised on extremely fast hosting doing business as it should be done. And we saw humble installations with less than 5 plugins on cheap hosting barely responding to URL requests. Our approach is simple: allow us to show you a similar solution for your request that responds faster or handles better on different browsers and mobile platforms.

How do I know if I was hacked?
Do you even wonder why the number of spams is ever growing? Because more and more hosting accounts are hacked and used as a “free hosting solution” to send even more spams. These hackings are not normally visible. You need to check the server logs to see, that you send 1000 mail per hour … or wait a few days till Google notices and blacklists your domain as a spammer. Aaaaaand that is how and why your own mail goes to spam when you contact your prospects and customers.

How do I know if I was infected?
Google has crawled your site (more than once) and found that has been infected by malicious code. This code is spreading through your website to anyone visiting your website without any notice or permission. These unwanted malware programs can steal your visitors personal information (passwords, credit card info etc.), change search results or slow down computer performance while blaming all that annoyance on your business.

How fast can you resolve *this* problem?
Outside problems get resolved faster because we know how to explain to web hosts, developers or other third parties exactly what the issue is. Faster identification of problems means faster resolutions and that’s what we’re all about. Nearly 75% of our requests made in your name are answered within an hour, regardless of who your external provider is.

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