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Defaced Homepage Horrors


Highly obvious hacking. Because they can and because they have a message. And the message will be clearly visible on the homepage of your website. Mostly, hackers usually replace only the homepage with their own message. Replacing back the homepage to your old version is not the solution. You need to identify how the intrusion happened and solve the vulnerability, so it will not happen again.

Lately, the WordPress defacement dialed a bit down. The latest major campaigns were in FEB 2017 (Latest security concern – FEB 2017 + Target Remote Code Execution), affecting ~1,5 million websites.


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We mentioned several times this annoying method, that clearly scares your customers away from your website. Visit this post: This can be easily avoided – to see real print screens. Not sure how to solve this issue? Can you afford losing precious time? Head to our UNDO DISASTERS page and let us solve this extremely pesky problem right now!

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