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Latest security concern – FEB 2017

A year ago, when DROWN hit the news (read more here: SSL vulnerability affects 33% of the web) it was covered everywhere. All websites talked about. We talked about. Our customers did not understand and they were not scared. We ran at that time a FREE check campaign to see if your website were affected. It was ok, nobody got seriously injured.

Two weeks ago, WordPress REST-API exploit hit the news (read more here: Target Remote Code Execution). WordPress security websites are covering the news, the story. We’re talking about. Our customers still don’t understand the hows and whys – but they are scared. We keep busy, resolve a few defaced websites, life goes on. So what changed?

Our only security is our ability to change. ~ John Lilly

Compared to DROWN, strictly from the business view, not technical, the problem is similar. Security issues are affecting a significant segment of the online live websites. The difference is, that a hacked or defaced website is visible. Is visible by the end-user, by the customer, by the business partner. When those people contact the owner, that something happened to the website, they got the full attention and it’s an urgent one. So urgent, so wide-spread, that even Google Trends start to report these websites. Take a look via this link.


Again, we urge everybody: it’s cheaper to prevent disasters than to resolve it. Preventative solutions work! You can protect your website with our recurrent owl WordPress Services. Let us bang our heads with these kinds of problems. At least we’re good at it – doing this since 2014! We also figured out, that WP Security is a vital part of the upkeep of any WordPress website. So, we added it to the owl WordPress Services pack – we’re doing WP security for everybody, at any type of recurrence.

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