Disempowered WP Security: 13 WP themes vulnerability APR 2021


16 WP themes vulnerability APR 2021

Be informed about the latest WordPress theme vulnerabilities, identified and reported publicly. With WP themes vulnerability APR 2021, the consequences of a hack are ugly. You will experience major backlash on your WordPress domain, costly damage control/recovery, immediate revenue loss with long-term consequences. Consider our FREE security AUDIT.

Estimation of active WordPress installations that are susceptible to these attack types is hard. The case with themes is a bit different than with plugins. There are free / premium / white-label / bundled and whole-suite versions. Also, it is sadly extremely common, that themes are installed, but never used. As these files from publicly reported vulnerable themes are on your domain, it opens Pandora’s box from a security point of view.

The following cases made headlines PUBLICLY just last month in the WP themes vulnerability APR 2021 category:

Protect your WordPress from publicly reported cases of WP themes vulnerability APR 2021 BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE! You will also protect your customers, your reputation and your online business!

CONTACT US TODAY with any reported WP themes vulnerability APR 2021 vulnerability! Do you suspect security circumvention in your WP?

BRIEF: It is difficult to keep an eye on every disclosed WordPress theme vulnerability and compare that list to the variations of plugins and themes you have set up on your site. The same goes with the publicly reported WP themes vulnerability APR 2021. Yet, keeping track of vulnerabilities is the difference between having a secure site versus one that hackers will easily make use of.

We’ve been involved in WordPress security for more than a decade. Auditing hundreds of hacked domains, we understand for a fact that outdated themes and plugins are the leading cause behind hacked WordPress. Like any other software application, WordPress themes and plugins develop vulnerabilities. To patch it, developers quickly launch an update. When site owners postpone or fail to implement updates, they leave their websites susceptible to a hack.

WP theme vulnerabilities Explained

Keep Your WordPress Updated! We can’t stress enough about the importance of security updates. You should have noticed that many hacks attacks that we mentioned in the earlier area were triggered due to outdated themes and plugins. It happens when there is a delay in updating the website. It leaves the site prone to a hack.

The impact of WP themes vulnerability APR 2021:

The consequences of a hacked domains are ugly. You will experience some major backlash on your WordPress domain such as:

– A marked drop in search engine rankings for the keywords you’re targeting;
– High bounce rates as visitors are redirected to different websites;
– Wasted SEO efforts in the future;
– Wasted development costs due to the fact, that sometimes is cheaper to start from scratch, than solve an old problem;

    • Search Engine Result Page blacklist/warnings on your domain, like:
  • This site may be hacked
  • Deceptive site ahead
  • Hosting account suspensions
  • Email providers blacklisting your domain
  • High cleanup, recovery, damage control costs
  • Major decline in your brand’s image, reputation



Probing attacks – 1st step for WP themes vulnerability APR 2021

For the time being, the large bulk of these attacks appear to be information gathering attacks, created to identify whether a website has a vulnerable theme set up rather than to perform an exploit chain. The next steps are Remote Code Execution (RCE) leading to site takeover with these vulnerabilities. We highly advise upgrading as soon as possible.

WP themes vulnerability APR 2021 identified – What should I do?

If your website is running any of these themes, it is critical to upgrade to the LATEST version IMMEDIATELY. If no patched version is available you will wish to momentarily change to another theme or use an active firewall software like owl WAF, that prevents these snooping or their real attacks. If you have made changes, modifications to these themes without the use of a child theme, you will want to download a backup copy of the present variation before updating. If anyone you know is running any of these themes, please share this post to guarantee they update their website also.

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy! A healthier online business starts today and it begins with you. Let’s solve all your vulnerabilities created from WP themes vulnerability APR 2021.

Do you suspect any WP themes vulnerability APR 2021 within your WordPress? Contact us today for a FREE AUDIT!

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