Unable to Login into WordPress


If you are unable to login to your WordPress site, then there is a chance that hackers may have compromised your admin account from WordPress.

There are some common tell-tale signs that should help you figure out if your WordPress site is compromised. Don’t panic, but this is serious! In this article, we explain why and how to identify a hacked WordPress if you’re unable to login into WordPress.

One of the most used approaches for a hacker is to lock out others, who can undo the unwanted access. Deleting all admin users mostly prevents a fast and swift response. Since the old admin accounts don’t exist anymore, nobody would be able to log in or reset a password from the login page.

Another well-known approach is to change the admin email and password. With this, you would not be able to log in or reset your password from the login page.

To add insult to the frustration, there is a tactic, that is extremely annoying. Redirecting a login attempt or even preventing the opening of the login page confuses a less technical person. Being unable to understand, that normal login is willingly prohibited makes losing valuable time to remediate the main issue.

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What to do when you are Unable to Login into WordPress?
There are several ways to regain your admin account using phpMyAdmin. However, your site will remain unsafe until you figure out how a hacker got into your website the first place. Failing to do this, will repeat the lockout problem.
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