The Latest 5 Security breaches Worldwide – Week 31, 2019

The Latest 5 Security breaches Worldwide - Week 31, 2019

5 Security breaches Worldwide – Week 31, 2019

Be informed about the latest 5 Security breaches Worldwide, identified and reported publicly during Week 31, 2019. As these security-related breaches have a severe negative impact on any business, consider a security AUDIT to prevent any similar cases.

  • Internal network configuration data on Honda was found on an unsecured ElasticSearch server by a security researcher.
    • This data was spread across 40 GB of various files and appeared to be a census of all of its global endpoint equipment. “The data makes it clear which vendor they use and which machines have the endpoint security software enabled and up to date.” The company worked quickly to lock this down and acknowledged the mistake. The interesting fact in this story was that it took the researcher several days to track down the appropriate contact at Honda to take action. This should be a lesson for all corporations to provide these contacts clearly on their corporate websites. Honda Motor Company leaks database with 134 million rows of employee computer data

  • Researchers have found four different cases of security software phoning home data to its own servers without the customers’ permission or prior knowledge.

  • One of the largest and longest-running DDoS attacks was observed this past spring.


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