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The Latest 10 Security breaches Worldwide – Week 27, 2019


10 Security breaches Worldwide – Week 27, 2019

Be informed about the latest 10 Security breaches Worldwide, identified and reported publicly during Week 27, 2019. As these security-related breaches have a severe negative impact on any business, consider a security AUDIT to prevent any similar cases.

  • There has been another massive data leak from unsecured Elasticsearch storage.
    • This one originates from Orvibo, makers of smart home products. There are more than 2 billion records online, and they include unsalted (but hashed) passwords and precise locations of their devices. There are about a million users’ details, including hotels, offices and residences. The implications are major because “Much of the data can be pieced together both to disrupt a person’s home while possibly leading to further hack,” according to the researchers who found the data. The company has tried to get the vendor to close the leak. Report: Orvibo Smart Home Devices Leak Billions of User Records and Smart home maker leaks customer data, device passwords

  • The U.K.’s Cyber Security Center has issued a warning about increased Ryuk ransomware attacks.
    • The ransomware has been active since last summer and is found after hackers have already been present on a victim’s network for some time, usually with Emotet and TrickBot malware initial infections. Criminals have collected at least the equivalent of $640,000 in ransoms to date. The standard preventions apply. Ryuk ransomware targeting organisations globally

  • Earlier this week 7-Eleven launched new mobile pay app 7pay in Japan with major security flaws.


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Discover trending and viral stories about Security breaches Worldwide. The remaining Security breaches made news headlines. All these happened just last week.

  • Ryuk continues to make news, this time hitting the Georgia state courts’ network.

  • A number of leaky AWS S3 storage buckets care of bad IT security at integrator Attunity (now owned by Qlik) was discovered by researchers recently.

  • We all know phishers are getting sneakier.



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