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Honeybadger – Public Status Pages for your WordPress Monitoring


Who is Honeybadger?
The Story of Three Guys With an App: Acquaintances are often surprised that Honeybadger isn’t a twenty-person company. To start a company with three founders and have the same headcount five years later is unexpected, to say the least. Yet here we are—five years and thousands of enthusiastic customers later. This is the story of how three guys with an app have thrived amid an excess of venture-capital-backed competitors.

Why use Honeybadger’s Website Monitoring?

External Ping: We constantly monitor your URLs for downtime. If your site goes down we’ll alert you via email, SMS, or chat.

Flexible Rules: Your outage checks can be simple tests for network availability, or complex full-system health diagnostics.

Global Redundancy: Uptime checks are done by our globally-redundant network of servers, letting you see availability and response times around the world.

User experience starts with a WordPress page load.

Honeybadger – Uptime Checks Price

Pricing starts at $29/month. Ideal only for development teams and agile oriented companies. Set of features include: Exception Reporting, Uptime & Check-Ins, Integrates with Github, Limit of 100,000 errors / month, 1 Uptime Check, 3 Check-Ins, 30 day retention.

Honeybadger monitors much more than just your uptime:

Response Details
– When we see an outage caused by a 500 response code or other condition you’ve specified we save the response headers for your debugging pleasure.

Response-Time Metrics
– See your app how people from around the world see it. We provide you with response time details from each of our nodes in five different cities.

Outage History
– We keep a detailed history of all your outages so you can easily see the hidden patterns that are tripping up your app.

Accurate WordPress monitoring. Industry leading feature set!

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