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Transparent WordPress Monitoring


You asked and we delivered! Greg, this one is for you! ;)

One of our sweet-talking customers challenged us to overcome an issue for him and his team. We allow the account owner (mostly the business owners) to have their own account, inside our monitoring solution. Unfortunately, we’re using a professional tool, called PRTG Network Monitor. And all professional tools, have the same issue. They have several ‘gazillion’ features and they need in-depth knowledge to browse through pages and call upon graphs and charts for whatever you need. So, Greg and his team had a hard time checking simple insights, inside their account in our monitoring app. They decided to contact us to solve this issue also, since we’re in the business of reducing the frustrations they get online because of their WordPress.

AND WE DID! We could hear Greg smiling over the phone! Let there be known, that there are NO CHALLENGES with Your WordPress that cannot be solved by owl power! :)

With all these introductions, we officially announce, that now all monitored resources can be viewed from a simple page from our website or yours (or both) for ALL our recurrent customers. This implementation solves the following issues with WordPress Monitoring:

  • eliminates all safe credentials (strong and unique passwords)
  • personal social profile logins into our app
  • all employees (internally public info) can be allowed to view this page
  • NO clutter, NO annoyance, simple straight to the point, exactly as we like it

Getting started is easy: We’ll owlsomely take care of your monitoring needs!

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