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Apex Software – Public Status Pages for your WordPress Monitoring


Who is Apex Software?
Apex Software is a bootstrapped software company with the goal of creating simple, beautiful, and robust sustainable solutions. Every product is designed and engineered by the solo-founder TJ Holowaychuk, creator of popular open source frameworks Express, Koa, Apex, and Up.

Why use Apex Software’s Website Monitoring?

– CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Improving the customer experience with a performant and an always-available website, app, or API gives you a competitive edge.

– REDUCE SUPPORT: Discover downtime and performance problems before your customers do, and help keep them informed with public status pages.

– SEARCH ENGINE RANK: It’s widely accepted that Google and other search engines favor websites that do not suffer from uptime or performance issues.

User experience starts with a WordPress page load.

Apex Software – Uptime Checks Price

Pricing starts at $10/month. Ideal for personal sites and blogs. Set of features include:
– 15 MONITORS: Number of URLs which can be monitored.
– 5 TEAM MEMBERS: Number of team members who can view and manage monitors, alerts, and status pages.
– 2 ALERT RULES: Number of alert rules for triggering downtime or performance notifications.
– 13 REGIONS: Number of regions a single monitor will perform requests from.
– ∞ STATUS PAGES: Number of status pages you may create. Typically you’d have one per domain, such as

Apex Software monitors much more than just your uptime:

– Create as many public status pages as you need, keep your customers informed of current and recent outages.

– Receive weekly performance reports in your inbox to stay informed, and highlight performance trends.

– Alerts notify your team when a monitor is down or performing slowly, receiving notifications for both the triggered and resolve state.

– Every plan receives high resolution monitors ensure that reporting is accurate, and alerts are responsive.

Accurate WordPress monitoring. Industry leading feature set!

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