16 Reasons Why WordPress Speed Matters

Best Reasons Why WordPress Speed Matters

The most important reason why you should maintain the speed of your website is to provide an excellent user experience. If your WordPress is slow, then you will lose the potential customers and more importantly, you will end up losing your regular visitors.

Google now includes site speed in it’s ranking algorithm. Google has been intentionally hazy on the specifics, but one thing’s for sure: better speed = higher ranking in Google’s eyes.

When it comes to the speed of your WordPress, then it will play a major role in measuring the user satisfaction. The slow speed of your website can increase the bounce rate which can be a nightmare for the online revenue stream.

Your webpage may load in 2 seconds for you in Berlin, 3 seconds for your friend in Brussels, but it may only load in 6-7 seconds in Vienna. Now add a few more (3-5) seconds for smaller cities, a few seconds more (10-15) for countrysides and a bit more seconds (25-45) for remote places. Double those numbers for 3G/4G mobile networks.

The website speed tests are done on the backbone of the global interlinked network, so that result is the best case scenario for your WordPress Site Speed. Real life testing is much much lower, the further you go from a big city and the further you are from your hosting.

Very Affordable offer: Cheaper, than a new website. Cheaper, than designers + developers + system administrators hired for various optimisation tasks.

When the bounce rate is too high, then it will certainly affect your overall revenue. You will end up in losing reliable and regular traffic for your website, passive income from ads and direct sales from your products or services.

If your WordPress website speed is loading slower than usual, then it will result in fewer customer conversions. If you have a small online store managed on WordPress, then you can lose your potential customers.

Running a new campaign on a slow website will end up losing all of your potential customers if the speed of your website is not that good. The frustrated users won’t pay any attention to the sales or subscription messages.

Users love to visit those sites that open up within 1-2 seconds. If your website is taking longer than 5 seconds, then users won’t wait for it. Also, when the homepage is slow, then it will take a lot more time to load all the other pages. This will leave an adverse impact on the users.

First impressions are vital on the web. Your customers, readers, and website visitors make an instant judgment about you and your business. If your website loads fast, you’ve instantly made a strong first impression. It’s a quick-win for user experience!

FASTER and much CHEAPER: Compared to designers + developers + system administrators hired for various WordPress performance optimisation tasks.

It’s pure psychology. We consider fast websites to be professional and reliable. We relate speed to efficiency, trust, and confidence. If it’s fast, it must be professional! A slow website, on the other hand, makes us think it’s unsafe, insecure, and untrustworthy. And it’s really difficult to turn around that negative first impression.

Slow loading speed creates instant drop-offs in visitors. But there is a long-term effect here too. That long loading time gradually stunts your natural growth and word-of-mouth. Customers slowly stop referring your service to others because of a poor experience. It might even put people off to order your products or services.

Visitors patience for load times is decreasing dramatically. In 2000, the limit was 12 seconds, then 8 seconds in 2006, down to 4 seconds in 2010 and now, in 2017 is less, than 2 seconds. Delaying a single second result in serious dropouts.

Customers turn to online shopping for speed and convenience. When you fail to deliver, they’ll abandon the endeavor during mid-purchase.

Despite the differences in devices, mobile users expect to enjoy the same speeds that are just as good as what they’d get elsewhere. 71% of visitors want website loading speeds on mobile as quick as on a home computer.

The video is a powerful sales tool, but if your content doesn’t load quickly, it becomes a serious stressor. Stress rises during video buffering times from 19% up to 34%, causing immediately exists and shopping cart abandons.

SLOW WordPress means: Your visitors will leave your BARELY loading website before it even loads!

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