How to fix any SOCIAL PROOF added load time


SOCIAL PROOF features are meant to enhance the lure to accept something, as a psychology trick. When you see, that one (or more) of your friends already liked the page, you’re visiting, you are more likely to do the same thing. This is valid for purchases also, and it acts even greater, exploiting the envy sensation (besides greed), that your best buddy/gal has already that product. So, no wonder, why site owners are implementing these powerful social engineered codes, to exploit basic human thinking. However, these features first need to identify the visitor, then create targeted content specially created for that specific visitor. This takes time, thus your page speed is extremely affected. Consider the bellow recommendations when you use these features and enjoy an extra WordPress Speed Up.

How to fix any SOCIAL PROOF added load time?


  1. – Don’t duplicate social proof features for several different needs on the same page. Meaning: don’t display your visitor’s friends, who already subscribed to the newsletter, just to convince the visitor to subscribe too; – ON THE SAME PAGE where you use this trick to like your social profiles; – AGAIN ON THE SAME PAGE, RIGHT NEXT TO the product, where you use the same lure, to convince to buy.
  2. – Don’t use two (or more) of the same social proof features in parallel. It is a bad decision, waiting to collide and break both places with the same functionalities.

Very Affordable offer: Cheaper, than a new website. Cheaper, than designers + developers + system administrators hired for various optimisation tasks.

What Should You Do?

  1. – Keep it simple. Use only for the most valuable thing on the page and focus the lure feature with Social Proof.
  2. – At every planned maintenance day, after ALL the updates, make sure Social Proof still loads correctly and it works.
  3. – Put Social Proof below the fold (below the visible space) on a page. This will reduce load times, avoiding render blocking loading.
  4. – Don’t use any fancy features in tandem with Social Proof. Unexpected pop-ups, that load slowly the Social Proof, will just display an empty pop-up.
  5. – Avoid caching features to those features. It reraly works as expected.

FASTER and much CHEAPER: Compared to designers + developers + system administrators hired for various WordPress performance optimisation tasks.

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