[updated] 175 Tips – Hyper Guide to WP Speed Up


We created this curated post as a Hyper Guide to WordPress Speed Up. Use these techniques and gain hyper speed for your WordPress.

We noticed, that resources regarding WordPress performance optimisation are scarce. There a quite a few, but they recommend the same few tips over and over. Even the paid advertorials from renowned theme/plugin creators and WordPress Service providers limit their suggested techniques up to 10, rarely 15 tips and only a mere few going up to 20 tips and market the post as mega/ultimate/ultra guides. So, we jumped on this bandwagon with this post, recommending 175 Tips to WordPress Speed Up. Don’t forget to share, as it was extremely difficult to create these posts! 😀

16 Reasons Why WordPress Speed Matters

  1. lost visitors
  2. serp ranking
  3. bounce rate skyrockets
  4. slow internet connections
  5. reality check
  6. revenue decrease
  7. less conversions
  8. inadequate campaigns
  9. bad user experience
  10. first impression
  11. real expectations
  12. bumerang effect
  13. patience, not a virtue
  14. buy now online
  15. same experience
  16. stress spikes

8 Tips | WordPress Speed Up: Infrastructure

  1. Your domain
  2. Your hosting provider
  3. Your CDN
  4. Your TTFB
  5. Your latest everything
  6. Disable hotlinking
  7. Disable leeching
  8. Enable Gzip compression

Very Affordable offer: Cheaper, than a new website. Cheaper, than designers + developers + system administrators hired for various optimisation tasks.

4 Tips | WordPress Speed Up: Foundation

  1. Frameworks
  2. Themes
  3. Caching plugin
  4. Updates

5 Tips | WordPress Speed Up: WP Configuration

  1. Shown content
  2. Shown details
  3. Ditch Gravatar
  4. Split Comments
  5. Disable pingbacks + trackbacks

16 Tips | WordPress Speed Up: Bad decisions

  1. Remove unused things (13 tips)
  2. Don’t upload video to your blog
  3. Split Long Posts
  4. Duplicated data

SLOW WordPress means: Your visitors will leave your BARELY loading website before it even loads!

23 Tips | WordPress Speed Up: DB fine-tuning

  1. Reduce Database Calls
  2. Reduce Post Revisions
  3. Posts cleanup (4 tips)
  4. Comments cleanup (3 tips)
  5. Transients cleanup (4 tips)
  6. Remove Orphan data (5 tips)
  7. Optimize tables (5 tips)

9 Tips | WordPress fine-tuning

  1. Optimize images
  2. LazyLoad images
  3. Optimize landing pages
  4. JS-free Social Sharing
  5. CSS go up
  6. Scripts go down
  7. Reduce HTTP Requests
  8. Preload HTTP Requests
  9. Add Header Expires

63 Tips | HOW TO FIX any SOCIAL MEDIA added load time

  1. How to fix any SOCIAL FOLLOW button added load time – (14 tips)
  2. How to fix any SOCIAL SHARE button added load time – (13 tips)
  3. How to fix any SOCIAL INSIGHTS added load time – (8 tips)
  4. How to fix any SOCIAL LOGIN added load time – (10 tips)
  5. How to fix any SOCIAL COMMENTS added load time – (11 tips)
  6. How to fix any SOCIAL PROOF added load time – (7 tips)

31 Tips | Common causes of WP performance drag

  1. How to fix any WordPress SLIDER load time – [9 tips]
  2. How to fix any WordPress GALLERY load time – [11 tips]
  3. How to fix any WordPress FORM load time – [11 tips]

FASTER and much CHEAPER: Compared to designers + developers + system administrators hired for various WordPress performance optimisation tasks.

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