WordPress Services in 2019 – pleasing trends

WordPress Services in 2019 - grim trends

As we approach the final “real working days” from this year, we finished our annual full-analysis of our competitions: providers of WordPress Services. This was a simple review, of what they are simply doing, strictly as public communication. We are talking about their blog posts and social media content. We didn’t analyse the performance (how many interested, how many likes/retweets, etc), we only get the pieces, that simply made us love even more our business niche. This is how we compiled a list of things, that we would like to also give back to the WordPress community, in the next year. Sort of best of the best, handpicked and loved ideas, (strictly from our point a view, as a competitor from the same business niche).

WordPress Services in 2019 – pleasing trends, that will delight each and every WordPress owner:

  1. – better WP Services
  2. – more options
  3. – price competitiveness


better WordPress Services – a bright business approach
  1. — Lovely Example #1: We start noticing less and less additional services from our competitors, like SEO, design, development, content creation, social media management, advertising management. This means, that more focus can be channelled for WP Services. This, in time, will create a better service towards the community. Raising standards and pursuing the ever-changing online segment is what keeps us apart, from traditional business establishments and gives us the edge needed to survive against big corporations. For end-users, this means a multitude of sources, providing high-end services with a plethora of options to chose from.

  3. — Winning Example #2: We see more and more steps towards core wp services from our competitors, like providing support, backup, monitoring, security, speed optimisation – not just their traditional services. This clearly signals that WP owners are starting to request complementary services, demanding better options to the ones existing on the market. Backup specifically is affected in this segment, where the old-approach of a single backup per month is starting to shift to a single backup per day as a default approach.

  5. — Delightful Example #3: We’re aware of more and more adaptation of (slightly imposed) privacy regulations. This, however, is a good and healthy learning curve, proving ground rules for better data management, better data storage, better data sharing, better data archiving and so on. We also noticed, that traditional pen and paper approach is transforming towards online cooperative communications, where chat/video/shared folders and documents became the new norm. Doing business better, being more productive each day means, a healthy business, that provides mutual benefits for everybody.


VERY AFFORDABLE FOR ALL THAT IT OFFERS! CHEAPER and FASTER, than designers + developers + sysadmins hired for specific WordPress tasks.

More options – reactive starts to shift to proactive
  1. — Alluring Example #4: We observe more and more services and products, that figured out a simple business approach: “it’s simpler and quicker to prevent a problem, rather than mitigate the damage of its consequence, then resolve the problem, then try to prevent it”. It was kinda normal for expensive, time-consuming, and resource burning services or products. However, for much simpler solutions (like cheap monitoring) it was a nice discovery. As this trend will evolve, end-users will be able to enjoy more competitive products and services, giving them an extra edge we all need in this modern global economy.

  3. — Appealing Example #5: We remark more and more companies and freelancers teamed up, providing an all-in-one solution for the same customer. First, this was (probably) a mutually beneficial deal for two complementary businesses. Our internal case study noted the evolution: a company who provided saas, and another who provided customer support. Then one day, the customer support company started using for FREE the saas and provided customer support for the customers of the other company (the end-users of saas). Now we distinguish several partnerships like this, where the end-user gets a bigger bang and much faster resolve for their paid upfront invoices.

  5. — Engaging Example #6: We perceive more and more symbiotic partnerships, where those commonly created business segments expand the previous niche, targeting a NEW segment of customers. This is a new approach for traditionalist business establishments, where one needed to exist in order to be able to do new business. Now it simply pops up, fueled with two entities know-how (each from its own business niche) channelled into a new one. New brands emerge, new business segments are created. All, for the end-user off course. Before it had option A or B; now it can opt for C, if that one is more suited for their needs. After carefully analysing this, we realised that this is a natural approach and it will explode in the near future. Currently today, anybody whos offering tailored solutions (including us), where the customer specifies what it needs IS IN THIS PARTICULAR PREDICAMENT – where the customer dictates the focus of the business because of its ability to pay above market price. This is ok, for daily business; but it kills competitiveness in the long run, because of restrictive contractual agreements.


CHEAPER & FASTER: Compared to designers + developers + sysadmins hired for specific WordPress tasks.

price competitiveness – better deals for end-users
  1. — Winsome Example #7: We are able to find more and more discounts during holiday days, throughout the entire year. With better offers too. This trend is also raising the standards. A few years ago, a 10%-15% for services and 15%-20% for products was a fair discount. Now, this trend evolved up to half off during peek discounted periods. And the fact, that this happens several times during a year, clearly states, that this is again something, that will evolve, will drive business and bring down the sale costs.

  3. — Attractive, Example #8: We are able to find more and more bundled packages during holiday days, throughout the entire year. With better discounts too. This trend is also raising the standards. A few years ago, a “one expensive and one cheap for free” or “three for the price of two” was a fair discount. Now, this trend evolved up to 75% if you buy everything. And the fact, that this happens in several business niches, clearly states, that this is again something, that will evolve, will drive business and bring down the sale costs.


Care for your WordPress: Delegate technical work to us. Enjoy a headache-free WP!

Did you noticed any other pleasing trends for WP Services that we missed? Leave your discovery in the comments below!

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