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owlpower.eu is home to a constantly growing set of professional WordPress influence and powerful ideas. Ours is a front-row seat to see what’s shaping up WordPress in technology, business, security, maintenance, backup, monitoring, consulting, speed up, GDPR, SEO and marketing. Our partners value our global reach, network and a trusted brand. Join us today!
We create innovative, high-performing partner programmes with exclusive or white label capabilities. We’re already partners with leading industry players worldwide. We believe partnerships should be mutually beneficial. That’s why we have designed our partner model to make it easy for you to grow your business by selling our apps and WP services as part of your solutions. Join us today!

We offer you a 25% discount on any owl WordPress Services and/or owl SUITE we offer. You can use this discount in your business to offer it towards your customers and partners. We can offer you even a landing page on our website, branded with your company.

We offer you a 35% discount on any owl WordPress Services and/or owl SUITE we offer. Be our local representative. Prove to us that you speak the local language, you have the working necessities (local phone number, e-mail, domain, website) and a business plan to promote our services. We’ll provide any help you need to create a targeted marketing campaign. This program is ideal for any agency or online services business.

We offer you a 50% discount on any owl WordPress Services and/or owl SUITE we offer. Be our local business. Prove to us that you speak the local language and we can communicate. You’ll need a solid understanding of our main services and our service categories. You’ll also need an existing legal internationally working business (for invoicing) with the working necessities (local phone number, e-mail, domain, website) and a business plan to promote the WordPress services. We’ll provide any help you need to start a website in your local language and create targeted marketing campaigns. This program is ideal for any savvy marketer or online business.

Why partner with us?


Adding tailored services to existing customers can be complex and time/budget consuming. With owl power’s flexible WordPress Services, partners can build new product packages quickly, while we handle the rest. owlpower.eu also helps partners meet global compliance and regulatory obligations and continuously iterates to add the latest WordPress technologies. And if you’re building an online business, owl power’s tailored standards let you easily extend your customer satisfaction.


Partnering with owlpower.eu means spending less time maintaining broken websites, and having more time to focus on core customer and product experiences. We help even the smallest teams to have disproportionate impact. Our unique approach to solve ALL existing problems and focus to prevent future ones makes us an undeniable advantage for EVERY CUSTOMER YOU HAVE.

Being an owlpower.eu  partner rewards you with a range of benefits that help you be successful with your customers. You will also be invited to participate in marketing campaigns, training courses and customer venues. We will provide unique and/or exclusive advantages only for your company, so you can differentiate yourself from your competition.

    • Work with some of the best solution provider from the marketplace. owlpower.eu is continuously working on excelling knowledge through professional services, hand-picked partner solutions, webinars and event gatherings.
    • One of the key offerings to owlpower.eu partners is to enjoy added benefits from complementary segments to the already existing business model. Our strategic presence and flexibility to provide tailored custom solutions to individual customer needs empowers any business to promote our solutions.
    • owlpower.eu provides a wide range of products and WordPress Services through the Partner Network. We are focusing on being the best vendor for Security, Maintenance, Speed Up, Backup, Monitoring and Consulting.

partner programme FAQ

Thousands of companies, including platforms and niche service providers, plugin and theme builders, extension developers, work with owlpower.eu already.

    Signing up to be a partner is quick, easy and free. Apply now, and we’ll review your application within five business days. You will receive an email notifying you that your application is under review. Use the BIG RED BUTTON from this page to sign up!

An application will be rejected if you:

– Fail to provide a website or blog URL on your application. We do not currently accept social profiles for applications.
– Provide a URL to a website that is still under construction.
– Contains sexually explicit material.
– Contains hate, violence or offensive content.
– Promotes discrimination.
– Promotes illegal activities or otherwise violates any applicable laws.
– Fails to clearly state an online privacy policy for visitors.
– Uses misleading or fraudulent means to promote our services.

If your application is declined, you can reapply to the program once you have an appropriate URL that meets the acceptance criteria.

    We accept a wide variety of sites, niche brands and/or native mobile apps to the program. We reserve the right to refuse anything that does not comply with our partner programme terms and conditions.
    In order to receive a payment, you must provide us with your bank information or PayPal email. You are eligible to receive commissions through direct deposit after you have reached our program minimum payment threshold of 100 EUR. Payment thresholds vary by country or currency and can be seen in your account settings. Partner payments are available in maximum 15 days after the date of sale, assuming your payment threshold has been met.
    Yes, you can! We even provide you with marketing ideas and FREE PROMOTIONAL account for your website. If you’re a high roller, we even have tailored WHITE LABEL options.