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Lack Of Structure & Priorities

We consistently discuss on this site how simple it is to begin your own WordPress business. The WordPress platform is free, user-friendly, simple to discover, and uses many different business chances. It looks like all you need to do is get started. So why does not everyone? I mean, there is a shocking number of people who play with the idea to start their own online business for years, however, they never materialize. In addition to that, of those who do make the leap, numerous stop working. According to some stats, 90% of Internet organisation start-ups fold within the first 120 days.

Ninety Percent! WOW…mostly maybe because of: Lack Of Structure & Priorities!

We can offer you confidently, SEVERAL OPTIONS to choose which one suits your needs better.

So, it seems like not, in fact, everyone can do it. Why is that? Well, surprisingly most often the thing that gets in the way of any service venture is the person who wants to start it. Worry, self-sabotage, and other mental barriers eliminate fledgeling companies simply as quickly as the absence of funding.

Are You Struggling With a Mental Barrier In Your Business?
If your recently established company has you waking up sweat soaked in the middle of the night or simply the idea of starting out on your own is making your heart race, you are not alone. Every freelancer, entrepreneur, and business owner needs to deal with this example to some degree.

Lack Of Structure & Priorities

There’s something thrilling about being your own boss. No one can tell you when to be where. You finally have full control over your life. Nevertheless, the absence of 9 to 5 also has its drawbacks, most prominently the lack of a daily structure. Freelancers typically discover themselves working erratic hours, consisting of late nights and weekends, and mixing together their individual and professional life.

The same goes for priorities. If no one tells you what to do, choosing what is truly important and what to spend energy on becomes your own task. In many cases, this results in lots of hesitation, procrastination, and energy invested in the incorrect things.

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How To OVERCOME your own Lack Of Structure & Priorities:

First task to solve your own Lack Of Structure & Priorities: When running your own business, you need to design your own workday. This can start as simple as figuring out when you do your best work and whether you are an early bird or a night owl.

Most people do their best work early in the day. Composing, editing, and other text-based work (creative) best left to the morning. Around the middle of the day, the creative part of their brain is exhausted and requires a rest. For that reason, the second part of the day is far more ideal for menial tasks and other things that don’t need speaking, writing or thinking.

Second task to solve your own Lack Of Structure & Priorities: You truly need to be your own boss. If you do not tell yourself what to do, no one will. An excellent start for that is to set yourself at least one (up to three) important jobs each day. These need to be things that can really make a difference in your work and personal life. Work on those first and make certain you finish them, everything else can typically wait.


Ideas implemented from constrained points of view (biased developers, designers, sysadmins) will NOT BENEFIT YOUR online strategies, harming your long-term competitiveness.

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