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features of WordPress Monitoring

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Tailored WordPress Monitoring
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WHAT’S INCLUDED in WordPress Monitoring?

Everything you need for your WordPress!

11 years of owlsome experience solving various WordPress Monitoring challenges.
System reliability measurement expressed as time or percentage, as your server availability.
Alerts team for periods of time when a hosting service fails to perform its primary function.
Outage notifications contain domain identifiers, duration, timestamps, and gravity.
05. Response Time
The total amount of time (milliseconds) it takes to respond to a request for service.
06. Duration
The total amount of time calculated for an event between two specific states.
07. Dashboard
A centralised place to find all the details about your monitored resources.
08. Sorting
Sort by domain, name, status, type, ascending, descending for ease of identification.
09. Calendar
Easy to understand outage events and duration displayed in Google Calendar.
10. History
Statistically gathered data, stored for a specified period of time, and displayed chronologically.
11. Reason
Failure or error message catching and forwarding, to jumpstart troubleshooting.
12. S.L.A.
Service-level agreement calculation and display for a specific period of time.
13. Domain(s)
Technical capability to monitor any domains, even the new emoji domain names.
14. URL(s)
Technical capability to monitor really long URL, or even several other URL(s).
15. Tapping(s)
Technical capabilities to identify and monitor hidden competitor URL(s).

WHO needs tailored WP Monitoring? EVERYBODY!

Today’s reality needs uptime, load-time, certificate and vulnerability monitoring; plus an intrusion detection, because your WordPress resilience is constantly tested.
16. Subdomain(s)
Technical capability to monitor any subdomain(s), as much as needed, within the main domain.
17. :PORT(s)
Technical capability to monitor any specific port(s), as much as needed, from the server.
18. Landing(s)
Technical capability to monitor any kind of landing page(s), even 3rd party or domain hosted ones.
19. Protected
Technical capability to pass authentication to monitor specified internal resources.
20. Email
EMAIL notifications for those, who appreciate a good night sleep, without phone alerts.
21. Google Drive
Use your cloud to host your data, in your own privacy, shared with nobody or everybody.
22. Analytics
Wild thought: put live traffic data right next to outage periods to understand its impact.
23. Team(s)
Unlimited users, teams. Share insights with everybody involved & bold enough to take action.
24. Any Language
Does your team speak foreign languages or you have a mixed team? ¡No hay problema!
25. Status
Need to display a few public monitoring statistics transparently? We got you covered!
26. Private
Need a public, yet discrete monitoring dashboard? We got you covered with authentication!
Add as much identity as needed. Why not even attach procedures? Serve info your team needs!
28. PageSpeed
Google PageSpeed Insights analyzes the desktop and the mobile version of your website.
29. PageSpeed Score
PageSpeed Score grades and generates suggestions to make your page faster.
30. YSlow Grade
Analyze why your pages are slow based on Yahoo!’s rules for high-performance websites.

weekly load-time checks

of your top 10 URLs with real-time tailored WP Monitoring. That’s 52 more in a year, compared to what you have today! This is how we become your partner for the long term!
31. Fully Loaded Time
Measure between Onload event starting point and no network activity for 2 seconds.
32. Total Page Size
The more your web page size is (KB or even MB), the more seconds it takes to load it.
33. Requests
The more requests your webpage has (by content type and by domain), the slower it loads.
34. Loading via 3G
Speed Index of how long the visible content of your page takes to appear using a 3G network.
35. Visitor loss
Estimated percentage of visitor loss due to slow mobile loading time.
36. Comparison
Industry comparison and grade between webpages within the same business niche.
37. Broken Links
Recurrent monitoring and notification of your broken links and missing images.
38. Vulnerability
Recurrent checks of publicly reported WP Core, plugins, and themes vulnerability.
39. Keyword ranking
Technical capability to check keyword rank on any SERP(s), language and locale via owl KEYRA.
40. Sitemap
Technical capability to audit your sitemaps (pages, posts, products, etc) via owl WECRA.
41. White Label
Make it yours, change what you want. Decorate and personalise with corporate branding.
42. Security monitoring
Technical capability of real-time monitoring via our WordPress Security service.
43. Coming soon
We’re already working on our next big feature. Stay tuned or request a quick preview.

Monitoring is not a single-task job

Need tailored WordPress Monitoring and got no clue where to start? Hire an expert. Pay a coffee per week or figure it out yourself.