How to create a short URL with an AdRoll Pixel Tag?

How to create a short URL with a AdRoll Pixel Tag?

How to create a short URL with an AdRoll Pixel Tag?

We are excited to show you How to create a short URL campaign with an AdRoll Pixel Tag? This is perfect for tracking your conversions on AdRoll. Mixing different platforms, even the offline world with the online can be challenging. Now, you can create short link, that use, report and track your valuable AdRoll Pixel Tag. Pretty owlsome, right?

The AdRoll Pixel is uniquely created when you register an AdRoll account. The AdRoll Pixel Tag has two elements: the Advertiser ID or adroll_adv_id (X) and Pixel ID or adroll_pix_id (Y) for the AdRoll Pixel. To use the adRoll pixel, combine the two parts together, separating them by a slash (/).


Short URLs promote sharing:
You can simply fit more content in less space with short URLs!



Targeting feature for a marketing ninja:
With our owl URL application, you can target your visitors with a single URL!

What do you think about this feature of owl URL? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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