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Official Release – owl WAF 1.0 – Web Application Firewall

Official Release – owl WAF 1.0 – Web Application Firewall


We are very excited to present you our newly launched owl WAF 1.0 released this OCTOBER,2019:

owl WAF, our Cloud-based Web Application Firewall constantly monitors and stops automated or targeted hacks, attacks, snooping, spying, and unaware or malicious file/code uploads.

We think you’re going to be very pleased with the new preventative security measures.

The Web Application Firewall has been publicly launched, after half of year of internal testing and selected customers live environment beta tests. This ensures a stable environment for deployment even for the largest environments, with hundreds of websites and variously different technologically stacked domains.

Business highlights

Launching a new product makes perfect sense for us, focusing years of experience and knowledge into a single automated solution. Competing in the firewall segment is not a big challenge actually, as several big names have old, outdated and sluggish solutions. We are way past the era, when you need to install software on your owned server. We are also way past the ownership period, where a single business had a single domain. Also, we are way past a single type of technical adoption. Exceeding these challenges, from the business point of view its not an easy task. We’re building slowly for the past year a functional product, to meet several customer set MVP models.

Loads with your WordPress and works as a shield.

Technical highlights

Competing for a slice of the firewall segment is an unique challenge to us. Our product differentiates itself from the existing competition by almost all features.
1 – Our Web Application Firewall is cloud based, so it does not require software install. This is perfect especially for those ho rent their servers to end-users or to small business owners – making adoption a lot less simple.
2 – Setup is extremely simple, takes a 2 minutes and its made by our engineers for free. A simple server-to-server secured (SSL) connection is established between domain and our owl WAF server. Launching a new solution was never easier,even for us.
3 – We are highly security focused, and our approach was always to prevent. This is the foundation of our automation work in this product.
4 – We are load-time, speed and usability advocates for many years now. Our active scanning does not affect the performance of the web server. Not even shared, cheap accounts. We affect only network traffic, which for almost all providers is unlimited. Say goodbye and good riddance to crashing servers, due to high CPU/memory/HDD usage.
5 – Owned license is per domain. This eliminates frustrations to invalidate old hosting server license (encrypted locally) and activate the same VALID license to the new hosting server (encrypt again the same file). If you leave behind your hosting environment (hosting provider migration) we will setup your new connection again, withing minutes. It takes more time to write an e-mail/ticket, than to reconnect again.
6 – We plan offer volume discounts and agency owned licenses. These will be advertised later in detail. Having a competent solution for protection should be available even to the smallest customer and we aim to make this happen in this 2019 year!
7 – Operating system protection or programming language protection or semantic language analysis for security is an outdated approach. We provide our cloud bases solution to a plethora of CMS types, e-shop solutions and code based platforms. This opens opportunity for owners to implement the same level of security throughout their owned verticals and niche businesses. These compatibility features will be advertised later in detail.
8 – Single focus. We provide firewall functionalities and nothing more. We’re not focusing to trap our customers with several bigger products, bundled into a single BIG product, offering mediocre performance throughout the entire product line. We have a firewall, priced below high-end solutions. We have a firewall technically capable well above high-end solutions.


Do you have any questions regarding this new owl SUITE addition? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!