Unable to receive WP emails


If you are unable to receive WordPress emails, then there is a chance that your server is hacked to send spam emails to all of us. You should not feel bad about spamming your friends and loved ones because by current statistics 90% of all e-mail is SPAM.

There are some common tell-tale signs that should help you figure out if your WordPress site is compromised. Don’t panic, but this is serious! In this article, we explain why and how to identify a hacked WordPress if you’re unable to receive WP emails.

When you are unable to receive WordPress emails or more correctly said your WordPress is unable to send emails is bad. Most hosting companies offer free email accounts with your hosting account. Many WordPress site owners use their host’s mail servers to send WordPress emails. All hosting accounts have a limit on the number of emails sent per hour to reduce server load and spamming. When your WP is compromised and exploited to send out spams, then this limit is reached within seconds or minutes. This means, that the real emails send by your WordPress are not routed to their destinations, because they are discarded by this limitation.

Protect your WordPress: BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE! You will also protect your customers, your reputation and your online business!

What to do when you are Unable to receive WP emails?
There are several ways to identify and remove spamming scripts. However, your site will remain unsafe until you figure out how a hacker got into your website the first place. Failing to do this, will repeat the Unable to receive WP emails problem. Not sure how to solve this issue? Can you afford losing precious time?
Head to our UNDO DISASTERS page and let us solve this extremely pesky problem right now!

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