public WiFi dashboard access versus paranoid WordPress Security?

public WiFi dashboard access versus paranoid WordPress Security?

public WiFi dashboard access


paranoid WordPress Security

The world is a wonderful place, and we’re not going to say otherwise. It is not our style to exploit scare tactics. However, most of the time is highly advisable to have a dose of paranoia when it’s about your WP Security.

Website security ranks high up on the list of things that make for a healthy online presence. Accordingly, we devote much effort to help you keep your website as protected as possible. Mainly, that includes preventing weak points that hackers could possibly use to perform their evil plans. However, it likewise involves reminding you to refrain from doing things that needlessly put website security at danger. Like using public WiFi networks when you require to log into your WordPress admin panel.

At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security. ~ Jodi Rell

WordPress Security helped by HTTPS
That said, this bit of news from Wired publication will shock you. In a Nov. 2018 short article, Wired offered readers the green light to begin using public Wi-Fi devoid of concern. Here’s the rundown.

According to Wired, you can thank HTTPS for making it possible to log onto your site (or any other) by means of a public network. And to do so without fear of tossing website security out the window. The Wired post made the point that public Wi-Fi networks are more secure today since cybercrooks lost interest in them. More reliable for targeting you is spear phishing and crypto mining. Neither of those requires thieves to lurk around airports, hotels, and coffee shops.

Due to the fact that of HTTPS, public WiFi networks post less of a threat to website security than they used to. The networks themselves stay as risky as ever. But not the sites you want to go to. Those configured for HTTPS now offer pretty good security.

OUR WordPress Security ADVICE: Generally, HTTPS prevents spying eyes. So, if you’re sure, that the SSL certificate covers your entire site (especially the admin area), then by all means, feel safe-ish using a public wifi network. The adoption of HTTPS drives hackers to embrace other theft techniques. To support all this, Wired trotted out some intriguing data. The publication reported that just 20% of the Leading 100 sites employed HTTPS as their default position in 2016. Today, the percentage stands at 100%. Actually, more than one-half (52%) of the one million most visited websites worldwide now actively redirect to HTTPS.


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9 Extra WordPress Security PRO TIPS while connected to public WiFi:

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