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44 Tips To Harden Your WP Security

WordPress security is often referred to as “reinforcement” or “hardening”. Makes sense. After all, the process is like adding reinforcements to your existing security, hardening the current capabilities.

We created a few fun quizzes, to allow users to test their own WordPress Security skills. All these quizzes can be 100% correctly answered without any specific WP specialization or expert qualification. This are the bare minimum of what we consider as safe! The questions are gathered into 4 complexity categories, starting from basic and progressing throughout the medium, the advanced and the expert areas. Each segment has 11 questions, totaling 44 specific WordPress security questions. Each question, besides the correct answer mention, has also an explanation, so you can get an idea to improve and hone your skills. We consider, that if you own a WP website you or somebody from your team should at least be at knowledge level to complete the quizzes: basic to 100%, medium to 75%, advanced to 50% and expert to 25%. Take into consideration, that this is a bias opinion as experts; but hey, we saw a fair share of hacked sites. Also, consider a WordPress security audit service, if you or your team fails these tests. Better now, than later.

Basic to Expert difficulty quizzes: How much do you actually know about WordPress Security?

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