StatusCake - public Uptime Checks for your WordPress Monitoring

March 8, 2018
Transparent WordPress Monitoring

Who is StatusCake?
StatusCake is operated by TrafficCake Limited, a United Kingdom limited liability company from London. Their core offered by StatusCake are Website and Website Performance .

Why use StatusCake's Uptime Monitoring?

Powerful tools that are quick-and-easy to set up. Instant alerts that you can trust, the moment your site goes down. Gain invaluable insights into how your website's performance is impacting your customers’ experiences – helping your business to stay ahead of the competition.

User experience starts with a WordPress page load.

StatusCake - Uptime Checks Price

Pricing starts for paid accounts at $ 24.99 + 20% Sales Tax/month. Ideal for business sites looking for advanced features, like 100 Tests, 1 Minute Rate, Brand Free Public Reporting, Tags, Selectable Test Locations. Alerting when needed via: Unlimited Email Alerts, 25 SMS Credits Per Month, Unlimited Integrations.

Pagespeed for only 15 Page Speed Tests with 15 Minute Interval.SSL for 50 SSL Monitors with their Expiration Warnings, Mixed Content Warnings at every 30 Minute Interval. Domain Monitoring for 50 Domain Tests for Expiration Warnings, Blacklist Monitoring, 7 Day Whois Checkrate. Server Monitoring only for a Linux Agent with 1 Minute Interval. Virus Scanning for only 2 Site, at 1 Hour Interval for a limited 5 Pages Deep and 250 Max Files.

StatusCake monitors much more than just your uptime:

- Test your website’s availability as often as you need, automatically, from over 28 countries worldwide, using the following protocols: HTTP, HEAD, TCP, DNS, SMTP, SSH, PING, and PUSH.

Domain Monitoring
- Ensure that your domain is never lost through failing to renew it or by it being hijacked. We alert when it’s time to renew, or if your domain name records have been changed.

Page Speed Monitoring
- Analyse the speed at which your website loads with StatusCake Page Speed Monitoring. page speed from different locations to see how this impacts your website’s performance.

Virus Scanning
- Ensure that your website hasn’t been infected with trojans, viruses, malware or other malicious threats that could cause harm to your website visitors. StatusCake virus alerts you the moment a threat is detected.

Global Test Locations
- You decide where you want your website’s availability checked from. We have StatusCake testing locations in 48 locations, in 28 countries across the world.

Get notified immediately!

Accurate . Industry leading feature set!

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StatusCake - public Uptime Checks for your WordPress Monitoring

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