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Who is SmartMonitor PRO?
Downtimes are something every webmaster has to account for; they are inevitable. Being prepared is what makes a webmaster smart, and one of the steps in being prepared is getting notified. That’s what SmartMonitor does – it notifies you the second something goes wrong with your site via email, SMS or mobile push notification. If the server is down, the domain was stolen, site infected by malware, hostile content inserted – it will let you know! It’s impossible to keep an eye on everything every single second of the day – let SmartMonitor do that!

Never again will you have to open a site just to check that it’s online. If you didn’t get a notification from SmartMonitor – it’s online! You can rest assured when something strange happens you’ll get an email, SMS or a push notification.

User experience starts with a WordPress page load.

SmartMonitor PRO – Uptime Checks Price

Pricing starts at $4.89/month. Ideal for personal blogs and Small Businesses websites. SmartMonitor PRO sends an email, SMS or a mobile push notification whenever something happens to your site that doesn’t look normal. It monitors the following key aspects of your site:

WHOIS records – if the owner somehow changes you’ll know
DNS entries – if your domain all of a sudden points to another server; you’ll know
Google SafeSearch – if your domain gets flagged by Google
server status – not responding, slow, or just plain dead; a notification is on its way
Core WP files – if you get hacked you’ll know which files are compromised
Site Content – any unusual changes such as site getting defaced will trigger a notification

SmartMonitor PRO monitors much more than just your uptime:

Server Status
– Numerous things can go wrong with a server. From short-term hiccups to serious hardware failures. Whatever happens, your goal is to minimize the downtime by addressing the problem as early as possible. That’s why you need SmartMonitor – to let you know the second your server goes down.

Core WordPress Files
– By powering more than 25% of the web WordPress is getting serious attention from hackers. One of their favourite methods is modifying core WP files without you even knowing it and injecting various malicious code. If they touch even one core file and change as much as one byte you’ll immediately get a notification.

Site Content
– We’re all humans, and we make mistakes. Sometimes you just push the wrong button and don’t realize it for hours. Maybe you accidentally put the site in maintenance mode or introduced a bug visible only to visitors. Any such unusual changes in the content are immediately reported.

Accurate WordPress monitoring. Industry leading feature set!

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