RapidSpike - Public Status Pages for your WordPress Monitoring

April 6, 2018
Transparent WordPress Monitoring

Who is RapidSpike?
RapidSpike is a part of the Storm Technology Group that also includes The Data Consultancy company Data People, The Malware company InfoSecurity People and the Penetration Testing company, Pentest People.

Why use RapidSpike's Website Monitoring?

RapidSpike’s team have a wealth of experience building and managing technology companies. Having met 15 years ago in the latter stages of the DotCom boom, Andrew and Robin have developed a winning formula to launch and grow successful, profitable technology companies.

Building on their collective knowledge and experience, the tech duo have launched RapidSpike, a next-generation digital asset assurance platform. The goal is to become an industry leader in the digital assurance market and have fun during the process.

User experience starts with a WordPress page load.

RapidSpike - Uptime Checks Price

Pricing starts at €29,95/month. Ideal only for business usage. Set of features include: 3 Intelligent Page Monitors with 15-60 mins Interval; 500k Real User ; a single Connect Anything option; 5 Monitors; SSL Cipher; Google Safebrowsing; 10 Availability Monitors with 5-60 mins Interval; Fixed Testing Locations; 10 SMS/Voice Credits; 3
Assurance Monitors; 3 SEO Monitors; 1 User Account Limit; 3 months Data History

- €46,95 for 10 extra Intelligent Page Credits
- €54,95 for 5 extra User Journey Credits
- €46,95 for 4 extra Network Vulnerability Credits
- €46,95 for 4 extra Web App Vulnerability Credits
- €98,95 for 12 extra Voice/SMS Credits

RapidSpike monitors much more than just your uptime:

- RapidSpike monitors can run at up to 1-minute intervals. If you don't require this level of sensitivity, you can configure RapidSpike to only notify you after a certain duration has passed.

Sensible notification settings
- Our system groups your notifications - if you have a website with lots of page monitors that all go down at the same time, we aim to send a single notification rather than dozens.

Resilient and reliable testing infrastructure
- Leveraging our global network we double- failing monitors from other locations around the world before we notify you - so you can be confident that we haven’t notified you without good reason.

Crisis escalation for support & dev teams
- For larger support teams, multiple notification rules can be triggered on a single issue - notifying different team members the longer your outage lasts.

Get notified immediately!

Accurate . Industry leading feature set!

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RapidSpike - Public Status Pages for your WordPress Monitoring

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