!nsping – public Uptime Checks for your WordPress Monitoring


Who is !nsping?
!nsping, pronounced Inspingis a simple Uptime & Performance Monitoring Tool for Websites, APIs and Web Services. A Website monitoring tool that lets you stay on top of your site outage.

Why use !nsping’s Website Monitoring?

Created keeping your site consistency in mind. Are your support agents swamped with downtime mails? Engineers busy fixing monitoring issues instead of building your site? !nsping can be your virtual downtime support agent. Round the clock.

User experience starts with a WordPress page load.

!nsping – Uptime Checks Price

Pricing starts at $3/month. Ideal for personal sites and blogs. Set of features include: 3 Checks, 1 Minute Check Interval, 2 Users, 3 Integrations*, Floating Monitoring Location(s), Website Monitoring, Web Socket Monitoring, TCP Port(TCP/IP) Monitoring, UDP Port(UDP/IP) Monitoring, DNS Monitoring, Ping(ICMP) Monitoring, Webhooks, SMS Alerters, Slack Integration.

* Insping supports multiple instances of same integration type and counts as multiple integrations.

!nsping monitors much more than just your uptime:

State Change Time-line
– Insping clearly breaks down the status as Available, Not responding or Reporting error along with exact time and duration so that you don’t just know there is an issue, but also have details of it.

Real Time Monitoring
– The Insping website monitoring dashboard updates real-time. You no longer have to refresh each second. In Insping real-time monitoring dashboard you can check your website response times constantly.

Multiple Monitoring/Polling Locations
– Insping uses multiple data centers within multiple geographic areas. As a result of multiple locations, Insping avoids the false positives/alarms and achieve higher reliability. By default, Insping uptime monitoring will ignore the outages which affect partial internet users i.e some parts of the globe, because it is actually outage of internet infrastructure itself and not your service outage.

Performance Monitoring
– Insping website performance monitoring will help you to monitor your sites response time in a different status. You can analyze the performance of the website through our check performance report always.

Check Availability Report
– You can now easily analysis your website uptime and downtime information with the help of Insping check availability report metrics.

Accurate WordPress monitoring. Industry leading feature set!

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