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Transparent WordPress Monitoring

Who is GotSiteMonitor?
GotSiteMonitor is a simple monitoring service for personal needs, which checks your website functionality in real time and alerts you when something goes wrong. GotSiteMonitor is operated by Vannet Technology, a software company from Burnaby, Canada.

Why use GotSiteMonitor's Website Monitoring?

Global Monitoring Network:
- Monitor your site from multiple locations
- 12 monitoring locations across 4 continents
- Flexible monitoring location configuration

User experience starts with a WordPress page load.

GotSiteMonitor - Uptime Checks Price

Pricing starts at $4.95/month. Ideal only for personal blogs and small busineses. Set of features include: 5 Monitors with 1 minutes Check Interval; 50 Phone/SMS Alerts on sign up; Unlimited: User Accounts, History Data and Email Alerts.

- $0.2 for each additional Phone/SMS Alerts

GotSiteMonitor monitors much more than just your uptime:

Instant Notifications
- Be the first one to know server issues
- Get notified of Phone Calls and SMS
- Receive unlimited Free Email alerts

Monitoring Reports
- View summary report and monitor logs
- Spot trends in website performance
- Keep track of your website uptime

Accurate WordPress monitoring. Industry leading feature set!

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