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The disadvantages of upgrading WordPress!

”We sell WordPress as “easy” and it is easy to a point… The expectation is that everything is that simple. However, behind the WordPress dashboard are PHP, CSS, and JavaScript code files that connect to a MySQL database.”
Code Poet ~ Locking Down WordPress

What are the disadvantages of upgrading WordPress?
There is always a risk that WordPress will not work correctly after an upgrade. With any open source software, the variety of themes and plugins made by third-party developers increases that risk. The more plugin you use the bigger the risk. The older the plugin + the newer the WordPress installation the bigger the risk. Or vice-versa: the never the plugin + the older the WordPress the bigger the risk. When the unexpected happens, it is important to have a resource like owl power services to help you recover quickly.

Keeping your WordPress site and its components up to date are our core existence. For security’s sake, it’s important to make sure your WordPress version and all your plugins are “the latest”. Having old plugins or using an older WordPress version are both invitations to hackers.

ALL of our plans includes updates to PREMIUM-like plugins (paid, purchased, rented) – that includes complex operations or main site functionalities. Premium plugin updates are more difficult (fewer customers for developers to experiment, because it is not free) and always requires manual and human attention. These plugins configurations need to be saved as a new version almost always is the default settings. After install, those previous configuration needs to be restored. The website should be tested to make sure, that this important functionality is still running as expected and paid for.

weekly WordPress maintenance: Maintain your WordPress in pristine condition with owl power!

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