WHAT IS A WordPress Staging environment?

WHAT IS A WordPress Staging environment?

WHAT IS A WordPress Staging environment?

WHAT IS A WordPress Staging environment?

To put it simply, a Staging WordPress is another copy of your live site. It allows you to test any changes or major brand-new functions that you plan to execute in a safe environment. WordPress owners, content creators, marketing teams often use staging websites as a testing ground in order to avoid mistakes happening on ‘live’ websites, therefore preventing the concerns and/or downtime that may otherwise result.

Staging environments aren’t indicated to be accessed by the public. If you use your staging site correctly, your primary website’s visitors should never ever have to handle any problems that pop up behind the scenes, such as your site breaking due to changes in its code. In addition, staging websites should not be picked up by Google or other search engines if you do things right.

The life process of numerous WordPress websites begins in a separate development environment in which it is developed (hopefully it isn’t being constructed right in a live production environment). Once constructed, it is migrated to a production environment. And that is where things can in some cases break down.

What if the live, production hosting is somewhat various than the dev environment, is missing some dependencies or software application, has different versions, etc? Or what if upgrading a plugin triggers the website to crash? What if a style upgrade breaks your child style and you can’t immediately detect what is incorrect?

These issues can be typically prevented by utilizing staging environments, which are frequently neglected by WordPress site managers, yet are simply as important for them when it comes to other web platforms.

It’s time to see THE BIG PICTURE!

While visitors may only see the final result of your website(s) a lot of work goes on behind the scenes. In reality, some workflows consume to three or four different environments to evaluate their code before it goes live. Let’s have a look at the most typical types of environments that are commonly used:

DEVELOPMENT environment – This environment contains all the latest versions of the code your team is working on. It’s ideal for initial screening on new functions, brainstorming, evaluations, proofs of concepts.

QA environment (Quality assurance) – Throughout the QA process, modifications to your site will be checked thoroughly to discover any concerns that you might have missed while coding. This type of environment is frequently used by business-oriented teams because they can’t afford to have bugs appear on live websites.

STAGING environment – You’re already acquainted with this term. A staging site functions as the bridge between the development and live variations of your website. At this moment, any remaining mistakes must be dealt with, and the modifications ought to be ready to be deployed on LIVE.

PRODUCTION environment – This is the variation of your website that users will see. If you have actually been careful throughout the advancement process, this iteration of your website ought to be bug-free and offer a perfect user experience.

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WHO REQUIRES A WordPress Staging environment?
Ideally, everybody who runs a WordPress requires a staging website. However, if we’re being practical, staging websites need to be used at least by owners who run sizable operations. If you’re comfortable with the knowledge that one of your updates could break your site and modify its functionality, or render it unusable while you fix it, then you probably don’t require one. However, if your site generates income (directly or indirectly), provides any kind of service(s), or has users that depend on it, using recurrently a staging site is definitely a clever solution.

Think of all the time you’re going to save by using staging environments in your business workflow. Whether it’s to prevent receiving unwarranted feedback from clients, to keep your website safe while updating, or to add new features in a different environment, staging environments maintain the integrity of your live WordPress website till you’re 100% sure those updates can be appraised on the public frontend.


We can offer you confidently, SEVERAL OPTIONS to choose which one suits your needs better.

Do you have any other questions regarding Staging environments? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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